Cultures are ....... creations
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Which speech pattern is needed in a speech to inspire?ExemplumRhetorical and participatory questions can be used to ........ a speechBeginWhat come immediately before review of main points?Signaling the conclusionThe technical term for adequate linkage between opening and ending of the speech to conclude isPsychological closureAre personal interests applicable when choosing your speech's topic?YesA mind map is a helpful technique used in which of the following steps?Narrowing the topicA single declarative sentence that introduces the topic and establishes its importance is calledCentral idea and Thesis statementA set of principles, standards, norms, or guidelines is calledCanonCulture is an integrated system ofBeliefs, values, behaviors, and norms"Expect to be called on the stage when you are in a key position of some sort" relates to which type?ImpromptuIn which type of delivery do you follow the following tactics: speaking notes, patterns of thought, and reviewing your outline?ExtemporaneousAll aspects of spoken language except the words is called....Vocalics, ParalinguisticsHow many types of pauses in a speech are there?2Which style is referred to as "less intense" in the text?Conversational style..... ranks the categoriesClassificationHow many types of reports can you present?2Your third speech is which kind of speech?ExpositoryWhich type of informative speech tackles the question "what have we learned about this topic?"ReportThe two types of facts.Empirical and establishedWhat is a synonym of a count used in your text?EnumerationThe major purposes of an outline areTo highlight the speech's structural and logical elementsUsing varying numbers and letters consistently is calledAlternationWhat should come after the title of your speech in an outline?General purposeThe words sub and ordinary are derived from which language?LatinA good introduction....Gains audience's attention and credibilityThe notes that you use to deliver your speech areSpeaking notesThe diverse population of learners gives rise toCognitive preferencesFear due to lack of confidence in knowing how to prepare a speechProcess anxietyThe fear or dread of negative responses you might experience because you speak outPublic speaking anxiety