Physics Honors: Unit 1 - Kinematics

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Speed versus VelocitySpeed tells us how fast an object moves, and velocity tells us both the speed and the direction that the object moves.average velocitythe total displacement divided by the time interval during which the displacement occurredaverage velocity formulachange in distance/change in timeinstantaneous velocitythe velocity of an object at some instant or at a specific point in the object's pathAccelerationa vector quantity that is defined as the rate at which an object changes its velocityAcceleration equationfinal velocity-initial velocity/timeOn a position versus time graph, the slope is:velocityOn a velocity versus time graph, the slope is:accelerationYou can use the area under a velocity vs. time graph to find:accelerationKinematic Equations for constant accelerationfinal distance = initial distance + (initial velocity)(time) + (1/2)(acceleration)(time^2) final velocity = initial velocity + (acceleration)(time) (final velocity)^2 = (initial velocity)^2 + 2 (acceleration)(final distance - initial distance)acceleration due to gravity9.8 m/s^2free fallthe motion of a falling object when the only force acting on it is gravitygravity on Earth9.8 m/s^2Gravity on the moon1.6 m/s^2Gravity on Jupiter25 m/s^2how long does it take for a ball to go up compared to going down?same amount of time assuming there is 0 air resistancewhat is the velocity at the top when you throw a ball up in the air?v = 0 m/swhat is the acceleration at the top when you throw a ball up in the air?a = 9.8 m/s^2more distance equationsy = 1/2gt^2more velocity equationsy = gtarea under curve =displacementa line best fita smooth line that reflects the general pattern in a graph