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Diagnostic imaging includes which of the following?


An AP radiographic film is taken_____?

front to back

A myelogram is used to______?

evaluate the spine

What is used to enhance visualization of structures during a diagnostic imaging procedure?

contrast media

Which diagnostic imaging procedure allows the surgeon to view anatomic structures during the surgical procedure?


Angiography is used to______?

assess peripheral vascular disease

Which procedure is used to evaluate heart function?

cardiac catherization

Cholangiography is a radiographic study of the___?


Which of the following is the most useful for viewing soft tissue?


Ultrasound involves the use of____?

radioisostope scanning

Nuclear medicine studies are also referred to as___?

isostope scanning

The MIBG scan is specfic type of isostope scan used to identify a problem with the____?

adrenal gland

Urine collected over a 24-hr period is tested to determine _____?

level of nitrogenous wastes

The term staging refers to the ____?

degree of tumor metaststasis

The normal percentage od oxygen saturation in aertial blood is ___ of capacity?

96% to 100%

The ____ is the physician who will provide a biopsy report.


The Gram stain is a techinique used to identify a ____?


Anaerobic bacteria are able to survive____.

without oxygen

A culture provides information about the types of ______ present.


Thoracentesis is the removal of____.

fluid from the pleural cavity

Electroencephalography is a recording of____.

electrical activity of brain

The display and recoeding of the electrical activity of the skeletal muscle is called a(n) ____.


Arterial saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen is measured with use of ______.

pusle oximetry

An estimation of the arterial levels of carbon dioxide is determined with the use of ____.


Information about the patient's lung capacity, resistance, and ventilatory pressure is obtained and displayed with the use of ___.


Deep-vein thrombosis can be dianosed with the use of____.


What is the first priority of the STSR when an intraoperative X-ray is being taken?

protect the sterile field from contamination

Roentgenography is synonymous with the term___.


Auscultation involves the use of a(n)___.


An otoscope is used for viewing the ____.


Correct placement of indwelling cathers, tubes, and drains may be verified by____.


Mammorgraphy uses X-ray to locate tumors of the ____.


Which of the following can be performed to create an easy entrance into most vessels of the body?

Seldinger technique

Contrast media can be introduced______.


For which portion of the body is Renografin most often used?

urinary system

Which vein is frequently used for insertion of an angiographic catheter?


The Doppler probe can be used within the sterile field as long as it is _____.

covered with sterile drape

The normal blood value of platelets is ___ x 10/mm.


An anestheiologist may order plain radiographic films of the chest for which purpose?

lung abnormalities that may interfere with the exchange of gases during anesthesia

The escape of fluid from the pleural space is known as ____.

pleural effusion

To prevent contamination of the surgical patient during an X-ray, the surgical technologist will____.

cover the X-ray cassette with the cassette cover

What is the term used to describe an item as being able to allow X-rays to pass through, such as operating room table?


Which of the following may be used in a nonselective angiograhy to quickly inject large amounts of contrast solution?

pressure injector

Which substance determines the radiodensity of contrast materials?


Which patient condition should not have an angiogram?

allergy to shellfish

What term describes making an incision and dissecting through tissue layers to expose the vessel and make an incision into the vessel for the induction of a catheter?

cut down

Which type of scan is a dianostic tool used to identify how different areas og the brain function by highlighting chemical or metabolic activity?


When using contrast media is indicated, which type of scan would be used for a patient with an allergy to iodine?


Which diagnostic procedure uses high-frequency sound waves?


Ultrasonography is ideal for the examination of a fetus because____.

it does not use ionizing radiation

What invasive procedure involves the introduction of a transducer attached to the end of a gastroscope into the esophagus to allow for closer approximation with the heart?


The device used in the operating room to determine patency of an arterial anastomosis is a(n)____.


The range 4.3 to 5.9 is normal for which hematology value?

male RBC

The range 11.5 to 15.5 is normal for which hematology value?

female hemoglobin

The normal range for the hematocrit of a female is___.

35% to 46%

The normal range for the hemoglobin of a female is_____.

11.5% to 15.5%

3.5% to 5% is the normal hematology value for which of the following?

female RBC

The excision of tissue or aspiration of fluid to determine the nature of the disease for treatment is known as a(n)___?


For which purpose does a surgeon use a suture on a specimen?

to allow for easy handoff to the circulator

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