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Lightroom Shortcuts

List of lightroom short cuts I want to learn
command + k
option + 1-9
add/remove the corrisponding keyword in the set
option 0
next keyword set
Option-click a panel
Toggle solo mode
Show/hide left panels
Show/hide Filmstrip
Show/hide Module Picker
Command + Option + 1
Go to Library module
Command + Option + 2
Go to Develop module
Command + Option + 3
Go to Slideshow module
Command + Option + 4
Go to Print module
Command + Option + 5
Go to Web module
Command + Option + Left Arrow / Command + Option + Right Arrow
Go back / go forward
Command + Option + Up Arrow
Go back to previous module
Enter Library Compare view
Enter Library Survey view
Command + Shift + F
Switch between Normal and full-screen, hide panels
Command + Option + F
Go to Normal screen mode
Cycle info overlay
Command + I
Show/hide info overlay
Command + Shift + I
Import photos from disk
Command + T
Hide/show tether capture bar
Command + Shift + N
Create a new folder in the Library module
Command + ' (apostrophe)
Create virtual copy (Library and Develop module only)
Command + R
Show in Explorer / Finder (Library and Develop module only)
Rename photo (in Library module)
Option + Delete
Remove selected photo(s) from catalog
Command + Delete
Delete rejected photo(s)
Command + E
Edit in Photoshop
Command + Shift + E
Export selected photo(s)
Command + Option + Shift + E
Export with previous settings
Down Arrow
Swap select and candidate photos in Compare view
Up Arrow
Make next photos select and candidate in Compare view
Toggle Zoom view
Command + = / Command + -
Zoom in / zoom out in Loupe view
Command + Return
Play impromptu slide show
Cycle Grid views
Command + D
Deselect all photos
Command + Shift + D
Select only active photo
Deselect active photo
Shift + Left/Right Arrow
Add previous/next photo to selection
Command + Option + A
Select flagged photos
Command + Option + Shift + D
Deselect unflagged photos
Command + G
Group into stack
Command + Shift + G
Toggle stack
Shift + [
Move up in stack
Shift + ]
Move down in stack
Shift + 1 - 0 or p
star label or pick and move to next photo
Command + L
Toggle filters on/off
Command + F
Find photo in the Library module
Command + N
Create a new collection in the Library module
Command K
Add keywords
Command + Shift + k
Edit keywords
Option + 0 / Option + Shift + 0
Cycle forward / backward through keyword sets
Command + Option + Shift + C / Command + Option + Shift + V
Copy/paste metadata
Command + S
Save metadata to file
Command + ;
Check spelling