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My Systems Analysis Ch.8


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A(n) ____ produces one or more lines of output for each record processed.
detail report
On a source document, the ____ contains codes, identification information, numbers, and dates that are used for storing completed forms.
control zone
Which of the following is a guideline for the design of data entry screens that are easy to learn and use?
restrict user access to screen locations where data is entered
provide a descriptive caption for every field
display a default value when a field value will be constant for successive records
In a ____ design, you create individual components that connect to a higher-level program or process.
An existence check is a data validation check that ____.
is used for mandatory data items
Podcasts are especially important for legal reasons, or where it is necessary to display a signature, date stamp, or other visual features of a document.
Although online data entry is used in specific situations, most business activity requires batch input.
An interface designer does not need to understand the underlying business functions or how the system supports individual, departmental, or enterprise goals.
In a data entry screen, such as that shown in the accompanying figure, a ____ is a control feature that is used to select one or more choices from a group.
check box
Either a page header or a page footer is used to display the report title and the page number.
If variable input data is needed, provide a(n) ____ that explains what is needed.
dialog box
Generally, reports used by individuals at higher levels in an organization include more detail than reports used by lower-level employees.
When a system produces multiple reports, each report should have completely different design elements.
Many physicians feel that ____ software is difficult to use and does not meet their needs.
A system is maintainable if it is ____.
easily modified
The use of a network-based application, often called a port protector, controls access to and from workstation interfaces.
In most organizations, the ____ department is responsible for output control and security measures.
In a user-centered system, the distinction is clear between input, output, and the interface itself.
An example of Web-based output is a system that provides customized responses to product or technical questions.
Input ____ are templates that make it easier for users to enter data.
Some forms use a ____ that contains icons or buttons that represent shortcuts for executing common commands.
____ protects privacy rights and shields an organization's proprietary data from theft or unauthorized access.
Output security
When designing data entry screens, provide users with an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of input data before entering it.
With prototyping, users can "test-drive" the model in a risk-free environment and either approve it or request changes.
A(n) ____ displays only those records that meet a specific condition or conditions.
exception report
A(n) transparent interface does not distract the user and calls no attention to itself.
On a source document, the main part of the form, called the ____, usually takes up at least half of the space on the form and contains captions and areas for entering variable data.
body zone
Printed output is used in ____ documents, which are output documents that are later entered back into the same or another information system.
A ____ workstation is a network terminal that supports a full-featured user interface, but limits the printing or copying of data, except to certain network resources that can be monitored and controlled more easily.
Because every piece of information should be traceable back to the input data that produced it, a(n) ____ trail must be provided that records the source of each data item and when it entered the system.
Using batch input, data entry is performed continuously.
Every page in a report should include a page header, which appears at the top of the page and includes the column headings that identify the data.
To create an attractive user interface layout and design, when the user enters data that completely fills the field, move automatically to the next field.
____ describes the relationship between computers and the people who use them to perform business-related tasks.
When designing an interface, to provide features that promote efficiency use default values if the majority of values in a field are the same.
To develop a user-centered interface, a designer must learn to think like a user and see the system through a user's eyes.
Interface designers can obtain data, called ____ metrics, by using software that can record and measure user interaction with a system.
A system is reliable if it handles ____.
input errors
hardware failures
processing errors
human mistakes
Initial screen designs can be presented to users in the form of a(n) ____, which is a sketch that shows the general screen layout and design.
In a source document, if totals are included on a form, they appear in the ____ zone.