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CALE: shang han lun dx, tx, sx, formula, points

HB kim description
Tai yang wind attack (wei)
sl aversion to cold, aversion to wind, sl fever, sl sweating, HA, stiff neck, sneezing. P: floating, slow
Tai yang wind cold (wei)
aversion to cold, sl fever, absence of sweating, HA, stiff neck, sneezing, runny nose with white discharge, breathlessness. P: floating tight
Tai yang water accumulation (wei)
aversion to cold, fever, retention of urine, sl thirst, vomiting of fluids soon after drinking. P: floating rapid
Tai yang blood accumulation (wei)
hypogastric distention, fullness and urgency, blood in urine, mental restlessness. T: reddish purple without coat. P: deep fine rapid or deep choppy
Tai yang wind attack formula (wei)
gui zhi tang
Tai yang wind attack points (wei)
ub 12, lu 7, li4, gb20, SJ5, st 36
tai yang cold attack points
UB 12, lu 7, li4, sj5, gb20 moxa
Tai yang water accumulation formula
wu ling san
Tai yang water accumulation points
ren9, ren 3, st 28, lu 7, ub 22, ub 39, ub 64
Tai yang blood accumulation formula
tao he cheng qi tang
Tao yang blood accumulation points
ren 3, ki 14, st 28, ub 39, ub 22, sp 10, lv 3, sp 6
Yang ming channel pattern sx (qi)
high fever, profuse sweating, intense thirst, red face, feeling of heat, irritability, delirium. T: red with yellow coat. P: overflowing rapid or big rapid
yang ming organ pattern sx (qi)
High fever that is worse in the afternoon, profuse sweating, sweating on limbs, abd fullness and pain, constipation, dry stool, thirst, dark urine T: red with thick dry yellow coat. P: deep full slippery rapid
Yang ming channel formula (qi)
bai hu tang
Yang ming channel points (qi)
li 11, du 14, pc 3, st 44, st 43
Yang ming organ formula
cheng qi tang
Yang ming organ points
Li 11, Du 14, pc 3, st 44, st 43, st 25, sp 15, st 37, sp 6
Shao yang sx
alternation of shivers (or cold feeling) fever (of heat feeling), bitter taste, dry throat, blurred vision, hypochondrial fullness and distention, lack of desire to eat or drink, irritability, N/V T: unilateral thin white coat. P: wiry-fine
Shao yang formula
xiao chai hu tang
Shao yang points
SJ 5, SJ 6, GB 41, Du 13
Tai yin sx
abd fullness, feeling of cold, vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea, absence of thirst, tiredness. T: pale with sticky white coat. P: deep weak slow
Tai yin formula
Li zhong tang
Tai yin points
Ren 12, Ub 20, St 36, St 25, Sp 6, Moxa
Shao yin cold transformation sx (ying)
chills, feeling of cold, lying with body curled, listlessness, desire to sleep, cold limbs, diarrhea, absence of thirst, frequent pale urination. T: pale and wet w/ white coat
Shao yin heat transformation sx (ying)
a feeling of heat, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth and throat at night, dark urine, night sweating. T: red without coat. P: fine rapid
Shao yin cold transformation formula
si ni tang
Shao yin cold transformation points
Ub 23, Ren 4, Ren 6, Ren 8, Kd 7, Kd 3, moxa
Shao yin heat transformation formula
Huang lian e jiao tang
Shao yin heat transformation points
Ren 4, Ren 6, Ki 3, Ki 6, Sp 6
Jue yin sx
persistent thirst, feeling of energy rising to the chest, pain and heat sensation in heart region, hunger but no desire to eat, cold limbs, diarrhea, vomiting (sometimes with roundworms)
Jue yin formula
Wu mei wan
Jue yin points
Lv 3, Li 4, Sp 4, P 6
Tai yang wind attack tx principle
relieve exterior, expel wind, harmonize ying and wei
Tai yang cold attack tx principle
relieve exterior, diaphoresis
Yang ming tx channel principle
Clear heat, promote body fluids
Yang ming tx organ principle
clear heat, purge excess, relieve constipation
Shao yang tx principle
Harmonize the shao yang
Tai yin tx principle
warm middle jiao, disperse cold
Shao yin cold pattern tx principle
restore yang
Shao yin heat pattern tx principle
nourish yin, clear deficiency heat
Jue yin tx principle
regulate heat and cold simultaneously, warm and harmonize st