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Volapük Grammar: Verb Usage


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Adelo logob oli.
Today I see you. (now)
Klu, elogob oli.
So, I've seen you! (just finished)
Ädelo älogob oli.
Yesterday I saw you. (at that time)
Klu, ilogob oli!
I'd seen you! (over and done with)
I see (now)
I've seen, or I saw
Palogol fa ob.
You are seen by me.
Pelogol fa ob.
You've been seen by me.
Pälogol fa ob.
You were seen by me.
Pilogol (fa ob).
You had been seen by me.
Odelo ologob oli.
I shall see you. (no doubt at all!)
Klu ulogob oli.
I shall (already) have seen you!
Pologol fa ob.
You will be seen by me.
Pulogol fa ob.
You will have been seen by me.
Let him see! (He shall see!)
Let us see! (We shall see!)
Let them see! (They shall see!)
May he see!
Do (please) see!
Oh, that we may see!
Lavom oki.
He washes himself.
Lavom omi.
He washes him. (someone else)
Stunidof oki.
She admires herself.
Stunidof ofi.
She admires someone else.
Flapons okis.
They hit themselves.
Flapons onis.
They hit someone or something else.
Äcedob das üfinükol bü mudel.
I thought that you would have finished (completely) before Monday.
If stom binonöv koldikum, ba nifosöv
If only the weatherwere colder, perhaps it would snow
If ikömomöv agivoböv ome givoti.
If he had come I would have given him a present.
No sevof va okömom-la.
She doesn't know whether he will come. (But it's very doubtful indeed!)
to come to an end
to bring something to an end
to revive
to revive someone
I'm hunting a goose.
Yagob gan.
I'm being hunted by a goose!
Payagob fa gan!
They play to win.
Pledons ad vikodön.
Atoms are too small for you to see them.
Taums binons tu smaliks, adas kanoy logön onis.
Lärnobsös Volapüki..
Let's learn Volapük.
Sagoy das elogoms-la sneki.
One says that they have seen a snake. (tell me another!)
Äkredom das öreinos.
He believed that it would rain.