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  1. Insertion Disks
  2. spirochete- treponema category ID
  3. because mycoplasmas have no cell wall, they are highly susceptible to what?
  4. what is the primary screening method for measuring lyme disease antibodies?
  5. In what area of the human body are mycoplasmas considered normal flora?
  1. a drying out
    - use transport media, especially when specimens are collected on swabs
  2. b
    upper respiratory tract
    GU tract
  3. c plate-like structures that attach the fibrils within the cell wall
    -on spirochetes
  4. d ELISA
    because it's quick, reproducible and relatively inexpensive
  5. e slender with tight coils

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  1. serologically

  2. corkscrew-like

  3. CALIFORNIA, Europe, russia, oregon
  4. Mycoplasma
  5. Ixodes tick

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  1. Hard ticks act as vectors in the US and belong to which genus?Ixodes


  2. what is developed in tertiary - or late stage syphilis?painless chancre


  3. Anicteric Leptospirosisa zoonosis with a worldwide distribution


  4. In cultivation, only M. pneumoniae and one variant of U. urealyticum do what to RBC's?serologically


  5. Lime disease agentsGiemsa stain