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  1. Mycoplasmas belong to what class meaning 'soft skin' in latin?
  2. What causes venereal syphilis?
  3. Axial Febrils
  4. Mycoplasma pneumoniae cultivation
  5. which stages do ticks need to be in to harbor spirochetes and transmit disease?
  1. a ferments glucose to lactic acid so pH change will be evident
  2. b Treponema pallidum
  3. c
    same as Axial filaments
    -flagella like organelles that wrap around bacteria's cell wall
    -on spirochetes
    -facilitate motility
  4. d
    Mollicutes (Mollycuties)
  5. e all stages
    -larva, nymph and adult

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  1. by louse or tick carrying Borrelia recurrentis
  2. serologically
  3. microaerophilic

  4. penicillin G
  5. beef or soybean protein with serum
    fresh yeast extract

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  1. Tick's natural hosts
    (but also infect pets and humans)


  2. the disease pinta is caused byT. pallidum subspecies of pertenue


  3. Vincent's disease is caused by:T. carateum


  4. Borrelia pathogenesis
    causative agents of tick-borne and louse-borne relapsing fever and tic-borne Lyme disease in humans


  5. what makes mycoplasmas unlike all other bacteriathey do not have a cell wall