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  1. two hard ticks from the Ixodes genus
  2. drug of choice for all treponemal infections
  3. is susceptibility testing performed on treponemes?
  4. the serological test for treponematosis tests for what antibody types?
  5. What causes venereal syphilis?
  1. a Treponema pallidum
  2. b
    penicillin G
  3. c treponemal- produced against antigens of the organisms themselves
    non treponema- produced by infected patients against components of mammalian cells
  4. d no- they are non cultivatable so susceptibility testing cannot be done
  5. e -Ixodes pacificus- in california
    -Ixodes scapularis- in other areas of the world

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  1. the tick from which they are recovered.
  2. all stages
    -larva, nymph and adult

  3. corkscrew-like
  4. they do not have a cell wall
  5. beef or soybean protein with serum
    fresh yeast extract

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  1. Insertion Disksa zoonosis with a worldwide distribution


  2. Borrelia stainGiemsa stain


  3. Lime disease agentsdoes not grow in subculture
    use dark field microscopy


  4. what is the primary screening method for measuring lyme disease antibodies?Lyme disease


  5. Leptospirosisa zoonosis with a worldwide distribution