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  1. Treponema info
  2. is susceptibility testing performed on treponemes?
  3. spirochete- treponema category ID
  4. M. pneumoniae infections are self-limited and resistant to what?
  5. two most widely used NON treponemal serologic tests:
  1. a does not grow in subculture
    use dark field microscopy
  2. b slender with tight coils
  3. c VDRL- venereal disease research lab test
    RPR- rapid plasma reagin test
    (both are FLOCCULATION or AGGLUTINATION tests)
  4. d ALL beta-lactams
    -due to no cell wall for BPB function
  5. e no- they are non cultivatable so susceptibility testing cannot be done

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  1. Mollicutes (Mollycuties)

  2. Long, slender, helically curved, gram negative bacilli

  3. penicillin G
  4. serology test - the standard for lyme disease testing

  5. deer
    (but also infect pets and humans)

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  1. Why can serology testing for relapsing fever caused by lyme disease be unreliable?months to years


  2. Direct detection methods fro mycoplasmasPCR


  3. erythema migransdoes not grow in subculture
    use dark field microscopy


  4. How long does a tick need to be attached to a host before it transmit disease?all stages
    -larva, nymph and adult


  5. Vincent's disease is caused by:T. pallidum subspecies of pertenue


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