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Match the terms Renaissance Geographia Caravel Reconquista Log Line Traverse BoardA discovery of the knowledge a second century text written by Ptolemy a small ship that was maneuverable but strong enough to withstand the open ocean the European crusade to drive the Muslims off the Iberian Peninsula an instrument for measuring a ship's speed an instrument used for dead reckoningWhich of the following was NOT a motivating factor in overseas exploration?SlaveryTheological differences in Europe challenged the authority of the andCatholic Church; StateMatch the terms Lois XI England Portugal SpainFrance HenryVII John II and Manuel I Ferdinand and IsabelaExploration of the world for the purpose of finding new trade routes was necessary because of:Muslim expansion in North Africa and the Near EastMatch the terms Lutherans Angelican Reformed Church CatholicsNorthern Europe Henry VIII John Calvin SpainBefore 1600, European contact with North America was more about new world , than old .Exploration; colonizationWhat was Columbus' goal in Atlantic exploration?To find the trade route to the eastAs a response to the French attempt to settle in Florida,The spanish established St. AugustineMatch the terms Magellan Francisco Pizarro Hernando Corte Vasco Nunez de Balboa Ponce de Leon Hernando de Soto Francisco de Coronadosailed around the tip of South America Conqueror of the Inca conqueror of Mexico discovered the Pacific Ocean discovered the Florida peninsula crossed the Mississippi looked for the Cities of GoldExploration in the name of France was first undertaken byGiovanni da Varranzano______________________ is the account of one shipwreck survivor's experiences on his 5,000 mile trip back to New Spain.La RelacionWhich of the following is NOT true of Columbus' voyages to the New World?the first voyage was the most difficult because of a lack of supplies and terrible weatherThe first French settlementswere limited by the government were small were fishing and trading outpostsWhich explorer promised Henry VII twenty percent of all profits from his Atlantic ventures?John CabotWhich of the following can be attributed to Jacques Cartier? (may be more than one answer)exploration of the St. Lawrence River exploration of the Gulf of St. LawrenceWhich nation would come to dominate mainland North America in the seventeenth century?EnglandWhy did the Spanish destroy the French Settlement in Florida? (may be more than one answer)they were Huguenot, and to the Spanish, were heretics they were invading Spanish territoryWhat was the first Spanish settlement in the New WorldLa NavidadWhat was NOT one of the areas settled by Portuguese explorers?The CarribeanWho commissioned Columbus "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" and viceroy and governor of undiscovered lands?Ferdinand and IsabellaWhat was the role of religion in French attempts to settle in the Southeast and Spanish efforts to resist it?The Spanish Empire was claiming the discovered American territory. The French had pirates that were harassing the Spanish Empire. Spain took action, capturing the Frenchmen.Of the Frenchmen who were captured by the Spanish, only those who were _______________ were allowed to live.CatholicHow did the Spanish hear of the shipwrecked Frenchmen from Fort Caroline?NAtive AMericans told themWhy were the French unable to attack the Spanish at what is now St. Augustine? [more than one answer may apply]the entrance to the harbor was too shallow for the French ships a hurrican blew the French ships south and destroyed themWhat effect did the realization that there was no gold or silver in Florida have on the colony?some of the men mutinied and attacked Spanish holdings, drawing attention to the colonysome of the men mutinied and attacked Spanish holdings, drawing attention to the colonythere were too many motives for colonizationWhat was the problem with the first Native American ethnographies?they were written from a European perspectiveWho financed the Roanoke Island colony?Sir WalterRaleighmatch the terms Mexica INca North of Mexico TRavelogues Tales of the Conquistadores Bartolome de Las CasasTenochtitlan Machu picchu Cahokia justification for colonization political writing Short Account of the Destruction of the IndiesWhat was the first ethnography of the Native American people?Account of the Antiquities of the IndiansWhich of the following is true about Bartolome de Las Casas? (may be more than one answer)he argued that Native Americans lived in distinct cultures and societie and were somewhat civilized he was the most famous historian of the 16th century he was supportive of Native Americans and insisted they be treated as human beingsTo whom can we give credit for the 16th century accounts of the Algonquian people of the Outer Banks? (more than one correct answer)Thomas Harriot ;John WhiteHow did Europeans primarily influence Native Americans in North America?Material goodsIt is important to remember that Columbus didn't really discover a but connected two .New World ; Old worldsmatch the terms Carib Tiano Inca Mexicacannibalistic Native peoples Natives protected from slavery South America Central MexicoMuch of the conflict between European settlers and Native Americans in North America came becausethey each expected the other to follow the same rules they did not realized the different perceptions they had of one anotherJohn SmithEstablished order in JamestownWhat European event prevented John White from returning to Roanoke Island for almost two years?The attack of the Spanish Armadan the spring of 1613, who was kidnapped by the English and eventually converted to Christianity?PocahontasThe wreck of the Jamestown resupply ship, the Sea Venture, inspired Shakespeare'sThe TempestWhat was the first legal code in the English colonies?The Laws, Divine, Morall, and MartiallWho led the first attempt at settlement on Roanoke Island?Ralph LaneWhat were the goals for the earliest English colonization efforts? (choose more than one answer)evangelize the natives ; to provide access to New World natural resources to provide a base for privateersn the late 16th century, colonization of the New World became a competition between andEngland; SpainWhat were the instructions for the Jamestown colonists? (more than one answer)Find water route to far East Establish settlement Fine GoldWhat were the primary problems faced by the Roanoke Island colonists? (choose more than one answer)Bad location Drought BrutalityThe first Anglo-Powhatan war lasted from1609-1614Who was the first English child born in North America?Virginia DareWhat became the second English town in North America?HenricusWhat was the result of Pocahontas' marriage to John Rolfe?he end of the Anglo-Powhatan warHow many attempts at settlement did Sir Walter Ralegh make?3match the terms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101Sir Walter Ralegh granted permission to settle Virginia 2birth of Virginia Dare 3birth of Virginia Dare 4Roanoke Colony lost 5Virginia Company of London chartered 6Jamestown settled 7first Anglo-Powhatan war begins 8TheStarving Time 9Citie of Henricus founded 10Pocahontas marries John RolfeWalter Raleigh was born into what level of English society?The GentryWhy did Lord De La Warr leave Virginia in the spring of 1611?IllnessWhich of the following is NOT credited to Sir Walter Raleigh?publishing the description of the Roanoke Island colonyWhat were the effects of the military regime established in Virginia by Lord De La Warr? [choose all that apply]it brought complaints from the colonists it stabilized the colony it did little to make the colony more profitableTo what role did King James I appoint Lord De La Warr in relation to the Virginia Company in November 1606?he was part of the royal council that had oversight of the companyIn April 1614, John Smithsailed to America naming the Maine and Massachusetts Bay areas "New England"What position did Sir Walter Raleigh hold in the court of Queen Elizabeth I?captain of the Queen's GuardBefore joining the Virginia Company, John Smith was involved with [choose all that apply]working on a merchant ship fighting for Dutch independence from Spain fighting with Austrian forces against the TurksSir Walter Raleigh died during the reign ofKing James ISir Walter Raleigh died during the reign ofThe low CountriesUnder the Lawes Divine, Morall, and Martiall, the third offense of taking God's name in vain brought what penalty?deathAccording to the article on the "Lawes Divine, Morall, and Martiall", arguing with the governor was consideredtreasonIn the Virginia colony, penalties for crimes were carried outas soon as the sentence was passedAccording to the article, what was the purpose in the Virginia "Lawes" assigning the death penalty for many minor infractions?to frighten people into behaving well toward one anotherUnder the Lawes Divine, Morall, and Martiall, what was the penalty for trading with the Indians without authority?DeathWhat was the issue English monarchs had with the Puritans?Puritan teachings contradicted the authority of the Church of England and of the monarchWilliam Bradford wrote __________________________Of Plymouth PlantationWhy did the Pilgrims leave England in 1608? (may be more than one answer)the Pilgrims did not agree with the teachings of the Church of England the Church of England required attendance at their services they wanted a place where they were free to worship as they saw fitThe Puritans of Massachusetts Bay colony faced persecution underKing Charles; William LaudWhat were the two most important Protestant literary works in the late 16th century? (may be more than one answer)Geneva Bible; Foxes____________________ learned the Algnoquian language so that he could translate the Bible for the natives.John EliotThe Puritans fled to Holland under the reign ofKing James I_____________________ led the Massachusetts Bay ColonistsJon WinthropThe Massachusetts Bay Colony was to be a ___________________, providing an example of Godly government to Europe.City on A hillUnder Elizabeth I, Puritan exiles (may be more than one answer)were disappointed with the 1559 Religious Settlement hoped for more reform in the Church of England Return to englandThe puritans wereCalvinistsWhat factors "pushed" and "pulled" the Puritans to Massachusetts Bay? (may be more than one answer)Religious persicution Missions Disease economicJohn Foxes' work claimed England waschosen to carry Protestantism to the worldWhy did the passengers on board the Mayflower write the Mayflower Compact? (may be more than one answer)they needed to form a basic foundation for their government they wanted to let the King know their intentions were not to form their own government they landed outside the area where their patent allowed them to settleMost of the Pilgrims who left England in 1608 were members ofScroobymatch the terms 1 2 3 4 5 6 71.Henry VIII forms the Church of England 2.The Geneva Bible is published 3.James I is crowned King of England 4.Jamestown is founded in Virginia 5.The Scrooby Congregation leaves for Holland 6. Pilgrim arrive in America 7.The Puritans arrive in AmericaHow many of the passengers on board the Mayflower were Pilgrims?less than halfWhich of the following is NOT true about Catholicism in England?Catholics were being deported to VirginiaWhere did most smaller farmers settle?the developing regions of the colonial west and southWhat social and governmental system did Lord Baltimore want to establish in Maryland?feudalismHow were Protestants to be treated in Maryland?they were considered as valuable and welcomedWhat was the one guarantee of the Maryland charter?Rights as englishmenUnder the ____________ ____________ settlers received grants of land for each person brought to the colonies.headright systemThe 1649, the ________ ____ _______________, gave all Christians in Maryland the right of religious worship.act of tolerationWhy was the colony of Maryland founded?as a haven for CatholicsMaryland colonists who purchased at least 1,000 acres from Lord Baltimore were known asLords of the ManorWhat crop was vital to Maryland's economy?tobaccoWhat was the primary source of labor in the colonies before 1650?indentured servitudeWho was the person responsible for starting the process of founding Maryland?Sir George CalvertWhich of the following is true about Maryland's early government? [choose all that apply]they first met in 1635 Lord Baltimore rejected most laws passed by the assembly Lord Baltimore had little understanding that the settlers wanted to govern themselvesWhat was the first settlement and first colonial capital of Maryland?St. Mary's CityPlacing Maryland's settlements along waterwayscontributed to the high mortality rate of the colonyHow did the Stuart monarchs gain the authority to grant land from Virginia Company holdings?The Virginia Company of London lost their charterIn Maryland, each colonist paid a _____________ to Lord Baltimore.quitrentIn addition to accepting the Christian religion, John Eliot also insisted that Native Americans accept English __________________.cultureWhat destroyed much of Eliot's work with the Native Americans?puritan mistrust?who was the man the article claims was responsible for John Eliot's conversion?HookerHow did William Bradford's family react to his decision to become a Separatist?Not supportiveAccording to the article, what was unique about John Eliot among the New England Puritans?he had concerns for the Native Americans of New EnglandWhat trade did William Bradford take up while living in Leiden?silk weaverWhat position did William Bradford hold in the Plymouth Colony after 1621?governerAccording to Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow, what about Massasoit's dress set him apart from the others of his people?a chain of white bone beads around his neckMassasoit was the leader of the __________________ tribe.WampanoagOn the Pilgrims second visit to the village where Massasoit lived, [choose all that apply]the two groups reaffirmed their peace Massasoit agreed to ask his people to not make random visits to Plymouth Massasoit agreed to help the Pilgrims repay the natives they had taken corn from when they first arrivedJohn Winthrop's sermon is famous for the phrase "...we shall be as a city upon a hill..." but what does Winthrop say will be the result if the colonists remove themselves from their covenanted relationship with God?they will be made a story and a byword throughout the worldIn Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity," he gives a picture of Christians as parts in the body of Christ. What does he say is the ligament that ties everything together?loveAccording to Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity," what was most important in ensuring the success of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?to serve each other, change the world, and be theological leadersAccording to Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity," what are the two principles that should govern human relationships?mercy & justiceAccording to Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity," what did John Winthrop say should be the reaction to a brother's need?help himThe Rhode Island charter signed by Charles II guaranteed freedom of religious practice to all exceptcatholicsThe problem in New Hampshire came from the lack of a[n]centralized governmentWho was the leader who settled Connecticut with 100 settlers?hookerWhy was Roger Williams banished from Massachusetts Bay?because of his opinions regarding the separation of church and stateThe colony of New Hampshire began as aa commercial ventureDifferences in ____________ opinion is one of the causes for New England's expansion.religionThe primary difference of opinion between Thomas Hooker and Governor Winthrop was overvoting rightsWho were the founders of New Hampshire?Sir Ferdinando Gorges; john masonThe attack on the Indian fort at ____________ resulted in the deaths of 500-600 Pequots.mysticAnne Hutchinson's teaching threatened the authority of [more than one answer].Puritan religious leaders John WinthropWhen did New Hampshire become a royal colony?1679The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut [may be more than one answer]did not allow a governor to serve 2 consecutive terms formed a representative government did not include a religious test for citizenship gave the general court wide powersAnne Hutchinson claimed that Puritan ministers were teaching a gospel of rather than salvation .works;graceIn Massachusetts Bay colony each church congregation was ____________seperatedWhat was the document that provided the governmental structure for Connecticut?Fundamental Orders of ConnecticutHow did the issue between Anne Hutchinson and the leaders at Massachusetts Bay begin?Hutchinson held meetings where she discussed her own theological viewsIn 1637, the Connecticut settlers and the ________________ were at war.Pequot IndiansPut the following in chronological order:Plymouth New Hampshire Mass Connecticut Rhode Island Pequot War Anne HutchinsonAccording to the article, where was John Wheelwright given a church after arriving in Boston?QuincyWhere did Thomas Hooker receive his education?CambridgeThomas Hooker is said to have provided the inspiration for what document?the Fundamental Orders of ConnecticutAccording to the article, where was Thomas Hooker given a church after arriving in Boston?cambridgeThomas Hooker's first sermon in First Church of Hartford declared "the foundation of authority" can be foundin the consent of the peopleAccording to the article, Thomas Hooker should be known more than any other as the "Father of American ________________."democracyWhere did John Wheelwright receive his education?cambridgeWhen in England, with whom did John Wheelwright consult about colonial affairs?Oliver CromwellWhat prompted John Wheelwright to ask the Massachusetts Bay colony for a pardon?the massacre of Anne Hutchinson and her familyWhy was John Wheelwright banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony?he was part of the Antinomian Controversy with Anne HutchinsonAccording to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the April meeting was to be for and the September meeting was to be forelecting officials;making lawsAccording to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, how was the Governor to be chosen?paper ballotAccording to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, why was it necessary for the people of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield to form a government?scripture required itAccording to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, what was the purpose of creating their written constitution and government? [choose all that apply]to govern civil affairs to maintain the discipline in their churches to maintain the liberty and purity of the gospelAccording to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, what were the requirements for serving as Governor of the colony? [choose all that apply]he had served previously as a magistrate he not serve back to back terms he be a member of an approved congregationA __________________ is a state governed by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guidedtheocracyIn 1620, the Pilgrims set sail from England in the .Mayflower ; SpeedwellThe Pilgrims were (may be more than one answer)Separatists Puritans CalvinistsHow did the makeup of the Massachusetts Bay colony differ from that of the Plymouth Colony?the Massachusetts Bay settlers were all Puritans while the Pilgrims were religously diverseWhy did Puritans have hope that James I would reform the Church of England?he had been reared a ProtestantThe Puritans of Massachusetts Bay colony faced persecution under andKing Charles I: William LaudWhat destroyed much of Eliot's work with the Native Americans?King Philip's WarMatch the terms Christopher Columbus - 4 voyages to the Caribbean Amerigo Vespucci- most famous discoverer at the time Treaty of Tordesillas-Divided the new world between Spain and portugal encomienda- system of labor Hernando de soto- Discovered the mississippi river Jogn Cabot- first english explorer Jacques carter - explored the gulf of st lawerence Sir Walter Ralegh-Roanoke island John Smith-"he that will not work, shall not eat".What European nation was the leader in near-Atlantic explorationPortugalWhat two things influenced Europeans to maintain peaceful relations with Native Americans in North America?Trade; Need for military alliesWhich of the following is NOT true about England in the 1580s? (may be more than one correct answer)it was a superpower CatholicThe winter of 1609-1610 is known as ____________________The starving timeMatch the terms 1- Discovery of America 2-Spanish found St. Augustine 3- James I is crowned King of England 4- english found jamestown 5- Roanoke Island colony disappears.According to the video, one of the fatal weaknesses of the second attempt at French colonization of the Southeast was:there were too many motives for colonization