Unit 2 Chapter 5 Quiz

Evolutionary psychologists would be most likely to predict that 40-year-old single men will seek to marry women who are ________ than they are.
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Evidence that brain anatomy differences account for variations in sexual orientation is provided by the fact that these brain differencesseem to develop soon after or even before birth.Nonreproductive sexual characteristics such as the deepened male voice and male facial hair are calledsecondary sex characteristics.In a group discussion, women are ________ likely than men to express support for others' opinions. As group leaders, women are ________ likely than men to promote a democratic leadership style.more; moreHeterosexual women are most attracted to tall men with slim waists and broad shoulders. Evolutionary psychology most clearly attributes this preference to the fact that these physical characteristics are associated withreproductive success.In their genital responses to erotic videos, heterosexual women have been found to exhibit ________ than do heterosexual men.more bisexual attractionA genetic male newborn with primary sex characteristics that are not typically male or female most clearly shows signs ofa disorder of sexual development.An example of a primary sex characteristic is awoman's ovaries.Many species of animals have demonstrated same-sex sexual behavior. This suggests thathomosexual behavior seems a natural part of the animal world.He has never had a sexual encounter with nor felt any sexual attraction for members of either the same sex or the other sex. Jess is best described asasexual.Natasha and Sergio want to prevent their daughter from contracting a specific STI, so they arrange for her to receive a vaccination. Which STI are Natasha and Sergio trying to prevent?HPVAmber and Tyrice are kissing and touching each other and both are experiencing genital arousal. Amber's vagina is secreting lubricants and is expanding but neither has reached a point of peak arousal. Which stage in the sexual response cycle have they reached?excitement