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magnifying glass

used for low magnification of an object; does not need a power source

dissecting tray

used as a surface to cut specimen safely


used to pin specimen to dissecting tray


used for gripping tissues


used for cutting thin tissue samples


used to test texture by pushing on the parts of the organism


used for cutting through layers of tissue


used to protect eyes

Digital Scale

used to precisely determine mass

Graduated Cylinder

used for accurately measuring volume of liquids

Test Tube

used for mixing chemicals or heating them in small amounts


used for running reactions, mixing chemicals, heating chemicals, and ice baths

Test Tube Rack

used to hold groups of test tubes

Busen Burner

used as a heat source; uses natural gas


used for small amounts of liquids


used to accurately measure tiny amounts of liquid


used for viewing small samples at higher magnification levels than a magnifying glass

Cover Slip

used to spread out the sample on the microscope slide by pressing flat

Petri Dish

used for cultivating bacteria/ fungi samples


used to measure temperature


used to filter and for adding chemicals without spilling

Metric Ruler

used to measure length, width, and height

Erlenmeyer Flask

used for running reactions, heating chemicals; can be closed with cork or stopper

Test Tube Brush

used to clean test tubes

Lens Paper

used for cleaning microscope lenses and slides without scratching


used to create a spark to light Busen burner

Inoculating Loop

used to culture bacteria in a test tube


used to pick up hot glassware

Test Tube Holder

used pick up a single test tube safely, especially if it's hot

pH Paper

used to test the pH (acidic) level of a substance on a scale from 1-14


used to protect your clothing

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