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Chapter 1-2, Dining Room and Banquet Management

Chapter 1 -2
The Zagat 2006 survey reports
National average of what percent of meals consumed outside the home?
Working single parents—an increasing market often choose a restaurant because?
(1) They can share time with the children
(2) They aren't isolated while preparing a meal
Experts predict that by 2016?
(1) Restaurant industry will have 14.5 million employers
(2) The largest private-sector employer in the nation
One reason a restaurant stands out is?
The SERVICE it offers its guests
What are some reasons to provide good service?
(1) Guests LIKE to tell friends about good service
(2) Guests LOVE to tell friends about poor service
This is Extremely effective in generating business?
Positive word of mouth
What is the 80/20 rule?
80 percent of your business will come from 20 percent of your guests
Negative word of mouth will do what to a business?
Devastating to a business
For every guest who complains, 26 remain silent? True or False
Average displeased guest will tell 8 to how many future guests?
16 guests
What % of unhappy guests will never return?
91% of guests
What is the Best and worst type of promotion?
Word of mouth
Why do people trust word of mouth promotion?
People trust recommendations from a friend rather than advertising
What is the biggest complaint of guest on food services?
Poor service.
What is the two biggest problems of poor services?
(1) Rude service
(2) Slow table service
What is the most important reason to eat away from home?
Friendly service
What is the three Parents' key criteria for choosing a restaurant?
(1) Service
(2) Value
(3) Family atmosphere
Zagat survey of dining guides report that?
"Service is the weak link in the industry," lagging at least two points behind food quality
Falling service scores are direct result of?
(1) Servers not properly educated
(2) Industry lacking attention to front-of-the-house
According to Jim Sullivan, Customers will forgive what?
forgive mistakes in the kitchen more than mistakes in bad service"
According to Charlie Trotter what supersedes everything?
"Excellent service even supercedes the food in the dining experience"
Number 1 challenge in customer service?
Finding first-rate employees to fill this need
Who is blamed for poor service?
The service person
Responsibility falls on what person?
The manager
Why do responsibility falls on the manager?
(1) They set the tone of the business
(2) If they care about the guest, then the message will be loud and clear to the service staff
Define MBWA?
Management By Wandering Around
Why is MBWA an Important technique for effective management?
Manager needs to be where the action is
How should MBWA be deployed in a restaurant?
Manager needs to be where the action is
How should MBWA be deployed in a banquet house?
Make sure the guests are happy during the function
By wandering around, the manager
(1) Can OBSERVE all situations
(2) Can SOLVE problems before they occur
Service is defined by two reasons?
(1) Competence
(2) Friendliness
Competence is defined by three reasons?
(1) Serving food and drinks in the correct manner to the guests
(2) Often goes unnoticed
(3) Results in a good feeling about the restaurant by the guests
Friendliness is defined by six reasons?
(1) Much more important than competence
(2) Make the guests feel that they are in a private home by making them feel welcomed
(3) Pay attention and be nice to guests
(4) Do not act overly friendly
(5) If possible, address guests by name (not first name)
(6) Don't be a phony
What is the three reasons for excellent service?
(1) It occurs in a restaurant when a guest never has to ask for anything
(2) Many times guests don't realize it until they have left the restaurant
(3) Excellent service is friendliness combined with competency
What is shadowing and Training the service staff?
(1) A method that combines shadowing an employee who is an approved trainer
(2) The new employee serves the guest under the supervision of the approved trainer
How is shadowing and training done on day one ?
First half of the day
New employee follows and observes the trainer
Trainer explains how to present the menu and how to serve the food
Second half of the day
New employee carries out trays for the trainer
Trainer observes and compliments or corrects the trainee, offering immediate feedback
How is shadowing and training done on day two ?
New employee has contact with the guests
Approach the guests, present the menu, and take orders
Trainer now shadows the new employee
Throughout the day, the new employee is encouraged, reminded, and taught the correct way to serve guests
How is shadowing and training done on day three ?
New employee is assigned two or three of the trainer's tables
By day's end the new employee waits on the complete station of the trainer
What is the key to shadowing and training?
(1) Follow-up
(2) Coaching
A trainer must do what two things?
(1) Corrects mistakes
(2) Coaches new employee in proper service techniques
Management must monitor waitstaff's performance by ?
employing the MBWA system
Why is poor service harmful to restruants?
Frustrating and embarrassing for a restaurant
Servers who do these two things hurt the restaurant?
(1) Don't follow the guidelines
(2) Have the "I-don't-care" attitude
According to Charles Bernstein what is the leading cause of poor sales?
Lack of friendly service
How many different restaurants do guest try before encountering some sort of satisfactory experience?
A service person should be a professional combining these two things?
(1) Competency
(2) Friendliness
Define Maslows Hierarchy?
Every individual has to satisfy the lower need before moving on the higher one?
What are the five basic needs for Maslows Hierarchy?
(1) Physiological needs
(2) Safety needs
(3) Love & Belonging need
(4) Esteems needs
(5) Self-actualizations need
Define physiological needs?
Food, shelter, sleep
Define Safety needs?
Food safe to eat and I will not be robbed if i patronize a restaurant
Define Love & Belonging needs?
Guest is accepted by peers
Define Esteems needs?
Management and staff value each guests business
Define Self-actualization needs?
Guest feel so good about themselves they can do whatever they want.
What are the two major needs the manager and the employees must deal with?
(1) Safety
(2) Esteem
Identified five categories of customers?
(1) Cater-to-me's
(2) Socializers
(3) Celebrators
(4) Impulsives
(5) Busy Bees
Define Cater-to-me?
Patronize a restaurant because they are in no mood to cook
Define Socializers?
Want to spend time with family and friends
Define Celebrators?
Are on vacation or celebrating an occasion like a birthday
Define Impulsives?
(1) Crave a menu item
(2) Not in the mood to plan a meal
Define Busy Bees?
Time-crunched people who work long hours
All five categories have one thing in common?
Each group identified as their top need the need to be pampered
Define Ubliguitous?
Means being everywhere at once.
(1) One of the most important qualities
(2) Managers must know what is going on at all times
(3) Service person knows what guests want without asking
(4) Banquet manager takes the responsibility off the host of the banquet
What are the two type of services/
(1) Banquet service
(2) A la carte service
What are the two banquet service?
Russians and Amercian
What are the three A la carte service?
American, French, Russian
What are the ten successul management traits?
(1) Knowledge of food services
(2) Knowledge of beverage services
(3) Friendly, outgoing personality
(4) Organizational skills
(5) Ability to stay calm under pressure
(6) good phyiscal condition
(7) Ability to resist tempation
(8) Diplomacy
(9) Knowledge of training employees
(10) Ability to handle complaints
The National Institute for the Food Service Industry (NIFI) defines sanitation?
"In the food service situation, sanitation means wholesome food, handled in a hygienic environment by healthy food handlers in such a way that the food is not contaminated with disease-causing or otherwise harmful agents."
Restrooms Responsibility to keep spotlessly clean?
Managers are responsible for this
Guest perceive three ideals about a restaurant?
(1) Service person is the restaurant
(2) If service person is dirty and unkempt, then kitchen staff is dirty and unkempt
Front of the house—guests perceive
Appears to be dirty?
Then the kitchen is dirty and is the food safe.
Name some foodborne illnesses?
Salmonella, Shigella, E. Coli
Foodborne illness symptoms include?
(1) Abdominal pain
(2) Diarrhea
(3) Vomiting
(4) Chills
Foodborne illnesses simple rule for prevention?
Teach and enforce proper handwashing to all employees
Who Monitors Restaurant Cleanliness?
Local health department
Management of the restaurant has the what to maintain cleanliness?
Obligation and Responsibility
To know correct sanitation practices
To train all employees in the correct practices
Media's role in Restaurant Cleanliness?
(1) Highlights poor sanitation practices
(2) Sensationalized reporting style
(3) Restaurants are not safe
(4) Raises public awareness
What Seriously harms the business on Cleanliness?
Negative publicity
What is Management's responsibility in Restaurant Cleanliness?
Must have plan to clean the establishment and
Enforce highest standards of sanitation
Management may hire a specific person?
To monitor and be responsible for good sanitation practices
Hotel have concern with first appearance where?
Lobbies and Public areas
What is the key to running a great business?
Attention to detail
What is the most important trait of service persons?
Good grooming
Each restaurant should do these three things?
(1) Set its own grooming guidelines for employees
(2) Explain guidelines to employees
(3) Refuse employees the right to work for not adhering to standards
Management has to enforce these four standards?
(1) Set the standards
(2) Explain the standards
(3) Enforce the standards
(4) Follow the standards
During shifts, manager should have these things?
(1) Have clean uniforms so that employees can change
(2) Insist cooks and chefs have extra uniform jacket to change into when in the front of the house
How should employee smell?
Clean with no perfume or cologne
Taste is % of aroma?
Service staff must be trained to:
Pick up silverware by ?
the handle, NOT by the part that goes into the guest's mouth
Handle glasses and plates where the guest ?
will not drink or eat from
Improper handling of serving items can?
(1) Can transmit disease from one person to another
(2) Guests become upset
(3) Carelessness of server can result in the spread of disease, Food poisoning and Possibly death
Keep employees' fingers out of?
(1) Cups
(2) Bowls
(3) Glassware
To prevent contamination
Manger should check with what agency for req on presetting tables?
Local authority
All health departments agree on presetting?
Tables cannot be preset with silverware or dishes overnight
When NOT in use all?
utensils, plates, and glasses should be stored properly in a place that is free from insects or any possibility of contamination
Unclean utensils do constitute ?
potential health hazards
Food cannot be considered safe?
If it comes into contact with dishes, glasses, and utensils that are NOT properly washed.
Service persons should look for what on plates and dishes?
Visible soil, such as adhering foodstuffs, stains, physical damage
Management must make certain that banquet rooms are?
Attractive and Beautiful
View the room as a guest
Look for?
(1) Cobwebs
(2) Burnt-out lights
(3) Any painting that may be needed
Attention to detail makes a?
Favorable impression on the guest
Keys to Sanitation responsibilites of management are?
(1) Education is the key
(2) Training new and current employees
What are the Value of your local health authority?
(1) Must be a partner
(2) Use as an educational tool
(3) Management must NOT see them as adversaries
Define HACCP?
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
What does an HACCP do?
Enables foodservice operators to identify
Foods and Procedures most likely to cause illness
HACCP—Allows management to?
(1) Monitor
(2) Ensure food safety
(3) Needs involvement and commitment from all employees who receive, store, cook, and serve food
Key to using HACCP effectively?
Train staff to use a hazard analysis critical control point monitoring procedure report
What is cross-contamination?
Transfer of harmful microorganisms from one item of food to another