Chapter 23: Nutrition Support in Cancer and AIDS

Ordinarily the cell operates in an orderly fashion under the influence of the?
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A major systemic effect of cancer is?negative nitrogen balanceOf the following, a side effect of protease inhibitors is?hyperglycemiaPatients who receive chemotherapy drugs often develop anemia because the drugs?damage the bone marrowThe primary goal in nutrition care of patients with cancer is to?prevent malnutritionTo counteract the hypermetabolic state of cancer, it is important to increase the intake of?kilocaloriesFor patients with cancer, a good source of dietary protein could be?applesauceGiven a functional gastrointestinal tract, the preferred method of feeding a patient with cancer is?normal oral intakeIf salivary secretions are reduced or absent, it may be most helpful to?serve food in semiliquid formMr. T has been undergoing treatment for cancer and has not felt like eating all day and complains of much discomfort and pain. Of the following, which may be an initial intervention to assist in increasing his appetite?assessing pain and discomfort and providing pain relief measuresAn appropriate intervention for a patient with neutropenia would be to?cook food items immediately after thawingThe cells that activate the phagocytes are the?T cellsMucositis is an inflammation of the?oral mucosaSymptoms that may occur during the asymptomatic HIV infection stage include?a short bout of flulike syndromeCategory 2 CD4 T-Lymphocyte values are defined as?more than 200 cells/µL.Protease inhibitors work by?inhibiting the enzyme proteaseNutrition support is a vital care component throughout the progression of HIV infection because of its role in?controlling involuntary weight loss and tissue wastingA fundamental effect of HIV infection is?major weight lossAn HIV-positive patient should be referred to the clinical dietitian on the AIDS team?at the first contact with a health professionalThe nutrition care plan for AIDS patients is?individualized and continually adjusted throughout the course of the diseaseGuidelines for counseling a person with HIV infection include?promoting optimal nutrition while making the fewest food changes