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What are the 3 forms of anthrax?

cutaneous form- painless, eschar, vesicle, ulcer, fever, LDA
GI and Oropharynx
Pulm (Woolsorter's)

How do we diagnose anthrax?

Skin- culture, PCR
GI- gram stain, ascites, stool
Inhalation- MEDIASTINAL WIDENING, thoracentesis,

How do we treat anthrax?

Cipro of Doxy

What are the s/s of botulism?

decending symmetric flaccid paralysis, muscle weakness
3 types:
Infant botulism- from honey
Foodborne botulism- from toxins in canned foods
Wound botulism- wound from IVDU, C-section, soil exposure

What's the treatment for botulism?

Pen G + supportive

What are the s/s of smallpox?

flu-life with lesions that are all same stage and leave SCARS
Major and minor
Fulminating disease causes hemorrhage, HF, pulm edema, TTP, death

What's the treatment for smallpox?


What is the treatment for viral hemorrhagic fever?

no treatment

how is brucellosis transmited?


what's the m/c organism in brucellosis?

B. melitensis

what are the manifestations of brucellosis?

fever, malasie, sweats, myalgias, arthralgias, endocarditics

what is the most reliable method of dx for brucellosis?


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