Reconstruction Plans (Civil War)

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Goal - to reunite and rebuild the country as quickly as possible


10% must swear loyalty to the Union to rejoin


States must accept the 13th amendment which abolishes slavery


plan never took place because he was assassinated


good because it brings USA back together quickly


reunite and rebuild the country as quickly as possible


majority of people must swear loyalty to Union to Rejoin


Former CSA leaders would be given amnesty


no leaders would be given amnesty


13th amendment must be ratified


good because majority must swear loyalty to Union


bad because it allowed former CSA leaders to participate in government


impeached because US officials were digusted with his plan

Radical Republicans

rebuild and reunite while getting some revenge

Radical Republicans

Split South into 5 military districts

Radical Republicans

States must write new Consitutions

Radical Republicans

Must accept 13th, 14th, and 15 amendments

Radical Republicans

Good because it provided more rights for blacks and "taught" the South a lesson

Radical Republicans

Bad because it created more sectionalism and hard feelings in the South

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