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  1. compel
  2. cunning
  3. waver
  4. transfixed
  5. askew
  1. a Motionless with amazement or horror
  2. b sly or clever
  3. c to be uncertain; to fluctuate; to swing back and forth
  4. d to force
  5. e not lined up straight; awry

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  1. angry about something that is unfair, mean or bad
  2. to consider; to reflect upon or decided as a result of careful thought
  3. stubborn; clinging, usually unreasonably, to an opinion, purpose or course
  4. dangerous
  5. to suppose to be true; to act without permission or authority

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  1. placidlyon guard; alert to or looking out for danger


  2. prosperitythe state of being successful or flourishing


  3. gravityon guard; alert to or looking out for danger


  4. hostileunfriendly; unfavorable to one`s well-being


  5. flankto be placed at the side of