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  1. placidly
  2. frivolous
  3. hostile
  4. impotent
  5. vehemently
  1. a unfriendly; unfavorable to one`s well-being
  2. b not serious or important; silly
  3. c peacefully, calmly
  4. d powerless
  5. e intensely; strongly or violently

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  1. kept apart from everything else
  2. on guard; alert to or looking out for danger
  3. stubborn; clinging, usually unreasonably, to an opinion, purpose or course
  4. hard-working
  5. to be placed at the side of

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  1. presumeto suppose to be true; to act without permission or authority


  2. askewnot lined up straight; awry


  3. prosperityseriousness


  4. waveron guard; alert to or looking out for danger


  5. reverentlywith feelings of deep respect