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  1. prosperity
  2. squander
  3. flank
  4. frivolous
  5. confront
  1. a to be placed at the side of
  2. b to waste
  3. c the state of being successful or flourishing
  4. d not serious or important; silly
  5. e to come face to face with; to oppose

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  1. to try to persuade by gentle but constant asking or other measures
  2. to keep on, to persist
  3. bold, daring
  4. peacefully, calmly
  5. necessary

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  1. warilyon guard; alert to or looking out for danger


  2. wavernot lined up straight; awry


  3. reverentlywith feelings of deep respect


  4. presumeto make angry; to annoy; to arouse to action or feeling


  5. secludedkept apart from everything else


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