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  1. Explain Isaiah 40. What does the desert signify?
  2. What theology is Job refuting?
  3. Explain what God says and is going to do about the Shepherds in Ezekiel 34.
  4. Who in Genesis is Daniel like? Why?
  5. Who were Ezra and Nehemiah?
  1. a Daniel is like Joseph because he interprets dreams
  2. b Sheppard are the elders (leaders); people are the sheep; God said he will replace the bad Sheppard and be the Sheppard himself
  3. c Two ways or Deuteronimist theology
  4. d The two people who led the people back to Jerusalem to rebuild after the exile, Ezra is a priest, and Nehemiah is governor; Ezra was also responsible for editing the Old Testament
  5. e Book of constellations; Good news of announcing the return after end the exile and new exodusDesert signifies the time of the people in the desert when the people were faithful

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  1. About an unknown suffering person whose sufferings redeem others
  2. Myth means a deeper spiritual truth than ordinary pros would
  3. The hymn book of the second temple
  4. Is not about resurrection of the dead, but a message of hope for the people that they will be raised up after the exile
  5. Is given power and glory and he is brought to the throne of god (and seated at the right hand of the Lord)

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  1. What is the "intent of the author" with respect to Genesis 1?God is potter people are clay


  2. Explain the 3 Isaiahs.The hymn book of the second temple


  3. What does apocalyptic (encourage suffering people) mean?revalation


  4. Wisdom in these passages represents? Prov. 8:22-36; Sirach 24:1-12; Wisdom 7-9Personified wisdom (wisdom is shown as a person)


  5. What new belief is emerging in Daniel and Maccabees?Reality is a mystery


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