Chapter 16,17,18

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Errors and omissions liability is also known as
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EPL needs what to settle a claimconsentEPL has a written claim basisyesEPL claims must be reported after how long30 daysworkers comp (part 1)protects the employees who have work-related injuries or work-related diseaseswhat is the limit of liability for workers compthere is no limit...the state determines amount that's paidemployers liability (part 2)protects employer by someone who isn't an employee but sued to due being effected by the incident (spouse)where does workers comp take affectonly in the state of the employer (at work)FELA (federal employers liability act)covers railroad workersjones actcovers workers injured on ocean-going vesselsother states coverage (part 3)covers workers (if insurer is aware before hand) in other states