MyLab ch. 5

A patient looks up the drug he is taking in a drug guide. The patient asks the nurse why the physician prescribed a medication that has a lethal dose measure. What is the best response by the nurse?
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When administering a standard or median effective dose to a patient, the nurse explains that this amount of drug will have which effect?3. It will be effective in half of the population.Drug X has a median lethal dose of 30 mg and a median effective dose of 10. Drug Y has a therapeutic index of 4, while drug Z has a therapeutic index of 3. Which statement is accurate based on this information?3. Drug Y is the safest of the three.When reading about a drug, the nurse learns it has a median toxic dose of 50 mg. The patient has been receiving 60 mg of the drug. What analysis does the nurse make? :3. The patient will be at greater risk of adverse effects.A nursing instructor plans to teach a group of nursing students about​ graded-dose response curves. The instructor understands that they are most useful to determine​ what?1. response intensity within an individual.At a dose of 10 mg, drug X lowers total cholesterol by 50 mg/dL, while a maximum drop in cholesterol of 65 mg/dL is achieved at 40 mg. At a dose of 5 mg, drug Y lowers cholesterol by 50 mg/dL, while a maximum drop in cholesterol of 55 mg/dL is achieved at 10 mg. What can be concluded about the efficacy and potency of these two drugs?4. Drug Y is more potent, and drug X has a higher efficacy.A drug has been prescribed to decrease the effects of an endogenous chemical. The nurse would place this drug in which category?1. An agonistPharmacogenetics is a relatively new area within pharmacology. Which statement best describes the potential of this new area?1. To customize drugs and prevent idiosyncratic responsesFrom a transcription error, a patient received an overdose of a prescribed medication. If the therapeutic index of the medication is 10 and the median effective dose is 2, the nurse would calculate as the median lethal dose for the medication as _____.20The nurse is preparing to administer a medication to a patient on a medical-surgical unit. The median lethal dose of the drug is 40 mg, and the median effective dose is 10 mg. The nurse calculates the therapeutic index to be _____.4Literature review reveals that a new drug has a median lethal dose of 10 and a median effective dose of 5. The nurse determines that an error in which _____ times the correct dose is given could be lethal.2Which factor is used to predict the safety of the dose of a drug for a client?Frequency distribution curveThe student nurse asks the nursing instructor why drug plateaus occur with medications. What are the best responses by the nursing​ instructor?​"It could be that all of the receptors for the drug are​ occupied." ​"It may mean that the drug has brought​ 100% relief to the​ patient."The nurse is participating in the clinical trial of a new medication for the treatment of hypertension. To assess the effectiveness of the​ medication, which assessments would the nurse perform to help determine whether the average dose is effective for the​ patient?Blood pressure Heart rate Laboratory valuesA nurse is reviewing drug safety with a student nurse. The nurse explains that the median lethal dose of drugs is often determined in laboratory preclinical trials because of which​ factors?It would be unethical to determine these values in human subjects. The safety of the medication must be determined prior to clinical trials.A client with hypertension is taking a potent antihypertensive without results. The client is concerned when the healthcare provider orders a new drug. What is the​ nurse's response?​"The new drug has greater​ efficacy, so it will help reduce your blood​ pressure." ​"Efficacy in treating your hypertension is more important than​ potency."The nurse is reviewing the medication administration record for a group of clients and recognizes that which agents have nonspecific cellular​ responses?Ethyl alcohol General anesthetics Osmotic diureticsThe educator has reviewed the phases of graded​ dose-response with then nursing staff. Which statement made by a nurse indicates an understanding of phase 2 of the​ response?​"The client's response is based on the amount of drug​ given."During​ assessment, the patient mentions that he recently​ "sent off to a company for pharmacogenomic​ testing." What nursing responses are​ indicated?​"Have you changed your medications​ any?" ​"Have you talked with your physician about the​ results?"The nurse reads that a newly discovered drug is a functional antagonist for some commonly administered medications. The nurse interprets this information as indicating the new drug could have which​ actions?Enhances drug excretion Speeds drug metabolism