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Egan's Fundamentals of respiratory care chapter 45 NPPV

Chest Cuirass

A device to deliver negative pressure ventilation that only fits over the thorax.

hypoxemic respiratory failure

The inability to maintain the normal oxygenation in the arterial blood. It may be indicated by a PaO2 of less that 60 mm Hg in individual breathing supplemental oxygen.

Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure (IPAP)

Pressure that is applied during the inspiratory phase of mechanically assisted ventilation.

Iron Lung

A full body negative pressure ventilator.

negative-pressure ventilator

An approach to ventilation in which negative pressure is intermittently applied to the chest surface in an effort to cause inflation of the lungs.

nocturnal hypoventilation

Nocturnal Hypoventilation Syndrome is related to sleep apnea, but is due to the brain's respiratory control center not sending out enough nerve impulses to the breathing muscles. So, rather than the breathing being stopped by obstruction to the upper airways behind the tongue (as with OSA), there simply is not enough breathing and sometimes complete cessation of breathing.

noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV)

A positive-pressure ventilation without endotracheal intubation or tracheotomy, usually via a form-fitting nasal mask.


A ventilatory assist device that applies positive pressure to the abdominal contents during expiration.

Rocking bed

A bed that rocks back and forth moving the abdominal contents up and down facilitating inspiration and expiration.

Trendelenburg position

A position in which the head is low and the body and legs are on an inclined plane.

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