MKT 203

Because of its flexibility, _______ are the most common technique of collecting primary data.
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A well-known producer of breakfast cereals has decided to hire producers in different countries so that the cereals marketed under their brand are locally produced in the respective countries. This would not only appeal more to consumers who prefer domestically produced goods, but would also create jobs in the host-country enhancing the brand's image further. This is an example of _______.contract manufacturingSubway restaurants are positioned as offering healthy, great-tasting sandwiches. ________ positioning allows the brand to create a point-of-parity (POP) on taste and a point-of-difference (POD) on health with respect to quick-serve restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King and, at the same time, a POP on health and a POD on taste with respect to health food restaurants and cafés.StraddleA brand that is designed to protect lead brands from competition is aflanker brandThe four major segmentation variables are:Psychographic, behavioral, geographic, demographicWhen a firm uses an established brand to introduce a new product, it is called a brand ________extensionSTP stands forSegmentation- targeting-positioningPeople buy features and not benefits.FUpsellsold you up, brought 144 gb instead of just 70Reference groups:membership group, aspiration group, dissociative group opinion leader4 p's of marketingproduct, price, place, and promotionintensive growthdrive additonal growth out of the existing portfolioSWOT analysisstrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threatsMegatrendslow to form, influences over time Significant impactCross sellWalk into apple store u wanted to buy headphones and brought watch tooSatisfactionperson's feelings of place or disappointment resulting from comparing a product's perceived performance (or outcome) in relation to his or her expectationschurn- bad retention- goodsub brandcombine new brand with existing brand