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One Hundred Sayings of Sirach

Over one hundred quotes from the Old Testament Apocryphal Book by Jesus Son of Sirach... Along with a few notes... Sirach is a kind of bridge between Proverbs and the Pharisees... A lot of good sayings and some not so good
Jesus son of Sirach was a Jewish scribe who probably taught in Jerusalem. Around 180 B.C. he committed to writing his oral wisdom. Sirach's thought is similar to Proverbs and is similar to that which was developed later by the Pharisees and Sadducees. There are many good sayings here. But not all are good. One can definitely see the roots of Pharisaism in Sirach.
Sirach 1.4 Wisdom Created
4) "Wisdom was created before all things" Used to defend Arianism?
Sirach 1.10 Wisdom Given
10) "She dwells with all flesh according to his gift, and he supplied her to those who love him."
Sirach 1.24 The Importance of Discretion
24) "He will hide his words until the right moment."
Sirach 2.1 Temptation
1) "My son if you come forward to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for temptation"
Sirach 3.19 Humility
19) The greater you are, the more you must humble yourself; so you will find favor in the sight of the Lord."
Sirach 3.24 Hasty Judgment
24) "... hasty judgment has led many astray, and wrong opinion has caused their thoughts to slip"
Sirach 3.30 Works Righteousness (-)
30) "Water extinguishes a blazing fire: so almsgiving atones for sin" Perhaps the best construction on this is that a forgiven person changes his ways and "atones" for his sins to his neighbor... compensation, etc.
Sirach 4.26 Repentance
26) Do not be ashamed to confess your sins, and do not try to stop the current of a river."
Sirach 4.28 Strive for Truth
28) "Strive to death for truth, and the Lord God will fight for you."
Sirach 5.5 Cheap Grace
5) "Do not be so confident of atonement that you add sin to sin."
Sirach 5.6 Cheap Grace
6) "Do not say, 'His mercy is great, he will forgive the multitude of my sins.' For both mercy and wrath are with him, and his anger rests on sinners."
Sirach 5.7 Do Not Delay
"7) ""Do not delay to turn to the Lord, nor postpone it from day to day; for suddenly the wrath of the Lord will go forth, and at the time of punishment you will perish.""
Sirach 6.5 Friendship
5) "A pleasant voice multiplies friends, and a gracious tongue multiplies courtesies."
Sirach 6.16 Friendship the Elixir of Life
16) "A faithful friend is an elixir of life; and those who fear the Lord will find him."
Sirach 7.15 Toilsome Labor
15) "Do not hate toilsome labor, or farm work, which were created by the Most High."
Sirach 7.19 A Good Wife
19) "Do not deprive yourself of a wise and good wife, for her charm is worth more than gold."
Sirach 7.24 Daughters
24) "Do you have daughters? Be concerned for their chastity, and do not show yourself too indulgent with them."
Sirach 7.36 Remember Your End
36) "In all you do, remember the end of your life, and then you will never sin."
Sirach 8.3 The Chatterer
3) "Do not argue with a chatterer, nor heap wood on his fire."
Sirach 8.6 Growing Old
6) "Do not disdain a man when he is old, for some of us are growing old."
Sirach 9.7 Wandering for Sexual Temptation
7) "Do not look around in the streets of a city, nor wander about in its deserted sections." This verse is found admist several admonitions about sexual temptation. It reminds me of the temptation to "accidentally" stumble upon some sexual enticement as sometimes happens on the internet.
Sirach 10.4 God in Control of Government
4) "The government of the earth is in the hands of the Lord, and over it he will raise up the right man for the time."
Sirach 12.1-7 Wisdom in Charity
Do not give to sinners... Sirach understood the problem we today call "co-dependency."
Sirach 13.19 Exploitation of the Poor
19) "The poor are pastures of the rich." As sad as it is to see all rich people vilified in our current culture, the Scriptures do give us many warnings against the temptation of the wealthy to exploit the poor.
Sirach 13.25 Heart and Face
19) "A man's heart changes his countenance, either for good or for evil."
Sirach 13.9-11 How to Relate to the Powerful/Influential Person
9-11) "When an influential person invites you, show reluctance, and he will press his invitation all the more. 10 Do not thrust yourself forward, in case you are pushed aside, but do not stand aloof, or you will be overlooked. 11 Do not affect to treat him as an equal, do not trust his flow of words; since all this talking is expressly meant to test you, under cover of geniality he will be weighing you up."
Sirach 14.2 The Noncondemning Heart
2) "Blessed is the man whose heart does not condemn him, and who has not given up hope."
Sirach 14.5 Enjoying and Being Generous
5) "If a man is mean to himself, to whom will he be generous? He will not enjoy his own riches."
Sirach 14.8 The Grudging Eye
8) "Evil is the man with a grudging eye; he averts his face and disregards people."
Sirach 14.11 Enjoying and Giving
11) "My son, treat yourself well, according to your means, and present worthy offerings to the Lord."
Sirach 14.19 Second Law of Thermal Dynamics
19) "Every product decays and ceases to exist, and the man who made it will pass away with it."
Sirach 15.14 Man Chooses Sin
14) "He has left him in the power of his own inclination." "Inclination"=ysr in Hebrew. ysr usually means "evil inclination" as in Gen 6.5; 8.21. But it can mean "good inclination" as in Isa 26.3; 1 Chr 29.18. In post Biblical times the doctirne arose of a good and an evil ysr which everyone possesses.
Sirach 16.1-5 Faithful Chldren
Better fewer and faithful children than many unfaithful children
Sirach 16.18 Can't Hide from God
18) "Behold, heaven and the highest heaven, the abyss and the earth, will tremble at His visitation." (Reminds me of the descent into hell.)
Sirach 17.1-24 Creation & Sin (-)
Sirach describes creation as though sin and death were part of it?
Sirach 18.30 Fighting Base Desires
30) "Do not follow your base desires, but restrain your appetites."
Sirach 19.7 Caution in Speech
7) "Never repeat a conversation and you will lose nothing at all."
Sirach 19.8 Caution in Reporting
8) "With friend or foe do not report it, an unless it would be a sin for you, do not disclose it."
Sirach 19.10 Hold Your Tongue
10) "Have you heard a word? Let it die with you. Be brave! It will not make you burst!"
Sirach 19.13-17 Reprove by Asking Questions
15) "Question a friend, for often it is slander; so do not believe everything you hear."
Sirach 19.16 Don't Believe Everything - People slip
16) "A person may slip without intending it. Who has never sinned with his tongue?"
Sirach 20.2 Avoid Sin
02) "Flee from sin as from a snake; for it you approach sin, it will bite you."
Sirach 20.10 The Way of Sinners
"The way the sinners is smoothly pathed with stones, but at its end is the pit of Hades."
Sirach 20.19 Those Who Hate Education
19) "To a senseless man education is fetters on his feet, and like manacles on his right hand."
Sirach 20.20 Those who Love Education
21) "To a sensible man education is like a golden ornament, and like a bracelet on the right arm."
Sirach 21.2 Avoiding Sin
2) "Flee from sin as from a snake; for if you approach sin, it will bite you."
Sirach 22.3 A Daughter is a Loss (-)
3) "It is a disgrace to be the father of an undisciplined son, and the birth of a daughter is a loss."
Sirach 22.27 Guarding Speech
27) "O that a guard were set over my mouth, and a seal of prudence upon my lips, that it may keep me from falling so that my tongue may not destroy me."
Sirach 23.2a Guarding Thoughts
2a) "O that whips were set over my thoughts, and the discipline of wisdom over my mind..."
Sirach 23.15 Using Insulting Words
15) "A man accustomed to use insulting words will never become disciplined all his days."
Sirach 23.16b Fornication and Fire
16b) "A man who commits fornication with his near kin (RSV) (KJV: in the body of his flesh) will never cease until the fire burns him up."
Sirach 25.1 Harmony in Marriage
01) "My soul takes pleasure in... a wife and husband who live in harmony."
Sirach 25.13 Wounds of the Heart from Spouses
13) "Any wound, but not a wound of the heart! Any wickedness, but not the wickedness of a wife." (or husband)
Sirach 25.26 Easy Divorce (-)
26) "If she does not go as you direct, separate her from yourself." Very, very bad idea!
Sirach 26.10 Controlling the Headstrong Daughter
10) "Keep strict watch over a headstrong daughter, lest, when she finds liberty, she use it to her hurt."
Sirach 26.12 Promiscuity of the Headstrong Daughter
12) "As a thirsty wayfarer opens his mouth and drinks from any water near him, so she will sit in front of every post and open her quiver to the arrow."
Sirach 26.18 The Good Wife
18) "Like pillars of gold on a base of silver, so are beautiful feet with a steadfast heart."
Sirach 27.2 Sins in Business
02) "As a stake is driven firmly into a fissure between stones, so sin is wedged in between selling an buying."
Sirach 27.4 Filth of Thoughts
04) "When a sieve is shaken, the refuse remains; so a man's filth remains in his thoughts."
Sirach 27.16 Confidentiality
16) "Whoever betrays secrets destroys confidence, and he will never find a congenial friend."
Sirach 27.21 Confidentiality
21) "For a wound may be bandaged, and there is reconciliation after abuse, but whoever has betrayed secrets is without hope."
Sirach 27.26 Retribution
26) "He who digs a pit will fall into it, and he who sets a snare will be caught in it."
Sirach 28.2 Forgiving Others
2) "Forgive your neighbor the wrong he has done, and then your sins will be pardoned when you pray."
Sirach 28.3 Forgiving Others
3) "Does a man harbor anger against another, and yet seek for healing from the Lord?"
Sirach 28.17 Evil Tongue
17) "The blow of the whip raises a welt, but a blow of the tongue crushes the bones."
Sirach 28.25 Evil Tongue
25) "Make balances and scales for your words, and make a door and a bolt for your mouth."
Sirach 30.1 Raising Children
01) "He who loves his son will whip him often, in order that he may rejoice at the way he turns out."
Sirach 30.15 Health
15) "Health and soundness are better than all gold, and a robust body than countless riches."
Sirach 30.24 A Bad Heart
24) "Jealousy and anger shorten life, and anxiety brings on old age too soon."
Sirach 31.17 Temperance
17) "Be the first to stop eating, for the sake of good manners, and do not be insatiable, lest you give offense."
Sirach 31.19 Temperance
19) "How ample a little is for a well-disciplined man! He does not breathe heavily upon his bed."
Sirach 31.20 Temperance
"20) ""Healthy sleep depends on moderate eating; he rises early, and feels fit. The distress of sleeplessness and of nausea and colic are with the glutton.""
Sirach 31.27 Temperance
"27) Wine is like life to men, if you drink it in moderation. What is life to a man who is without wine? It has been created to make men glad.""
Sirach 32.6 Banquets
6) "A seal of emerald in a rich setting of gold is the melody of music with good wine."
Sirach 32.8 Banquets
8) "Speak concisely, say much in few words; be as one who knows and yet holds his tongue."
Sirach 32.14 The God Fearing Man
14) "He who fears the Lord will accept his discipline, and those who rise early to seek him will find favor."
Sirach 32.16 The God Fearing Man
16) "Those who fear the Lord will form true judgments, and like a light they will kindle righteous deeds."
Sirach 32.19 The God-Fearing Man
19) "Do nothing without deliberations; and when you have acted, do not regret it."
Sirach 33.5 The Fool
05) "The heart of the fool is like a cart wheel, and his thoughts like a turning axle"
Sirach 36.12 Prayer for Israel
12) Have mercy, O Lord, upon the people called by thy name, upon Israel, whom thou hast likened to a first-born son" (see Jer 31.10).
Sirach 36.22 A Woman's Beauty
22) "A woman's beauty gladdens the countenance, and surpasses every human desire."
Sirach 36.24 The Blessing of a Wife
24) "He who acquires a wife gets his best possession, a helper fit for him and a pillar of support."
Sirach 37.2 False Friends
2) "Is it not a grief to the death when a companion and friend turns to enmity?"
Sirach 37 Concerning Counselors
He warns against seeking counsel from those who have failed in action. Do not seek counsel about "work" from an "idler," or counsel about "war" from a "coward."
Sirach 37.13 Concerning Counsel
13) "Establish the counsel of your own heart, for no one is more faithful to you than it is."
Sirach 37.14 Concerning Counsel
14) "For a man's soul sometimes keeps him better informed than seven watchmen sitting hihg on the watchtower."
Sirach 37.15 Concerning Counsel
15) "And besides all this pray to the Most High that he may direct your way in the truth."
Sirach 37.17 Test Your Soul
27) "My son, test your soul while you live; see what is bad for it and do not give it that."
Sirach 37.20 Over-eating
30) "For overeating brings sickness, and gluttony leads to nausea."
Sirach 38.4 Medicine
04) "The Lord creates medicines from the earth, and a sensible man will not despise them. Was not water made sweet with a tree in order that His power be known?"
Sirach 38.13-14 The Believing Physician
13-14) There is a time when success lies in the heands of physicians, for they too will pray to the Lord that He should grant them success in diagnosis and in heaing, for the sake of preserving life."
Sirach 38.18 Mourning
Sirach urges mourning rites. But don't get carried away with sorrow. 18) "For sorrow results in death, and sorrow of heart saps one's strength."
Sirach 38.20 Mourning
20) "Do not give your heart to sorrow; drive it away, remembering the end of life."
Sirach 38.24 Scribes should be thankful for their leisure
Sirach notes that those who work do not have the opportunity to read, think, meditate, etc. 24) "The wisdom of the scribe depends on the opportunity of leisure; and he who has little business may become wise."
Sirach 38.34 The Importance of Workmen
34) "But they keep stable the fabric of the world, and their prayer is in the practice of their trade."
Sirach 39.5 The Blessings of Those Who Seek Wisdom
5) "He will set his heart to rise early to seek the Lord who made him, and will make supplication before the Most high; he will open hhis mouth in prayer and make supplication for his sin."
Sirach 39 Sirach's Problem with Pride (-)
Sadly, everything Sirach continues to talk about has more to do with pride... The wise man will be remembered, praised etc. Sirach says nothing about who this wisdom will benefit men by bringing them to salvation.
Sirach 40.17 Kindness
17) "Kindness is like a garden of blessings, and almsgiving endures for ever."
Sirach 40.20 Wine, Music & Wisdom
20) "Wine and music gladden the heart, but the love of wisdom is better than both."
Sirach 40.24 Straight Ways of Holiness
24) "To the holy his ways are straight, just as they are obstacles to the wicked"
Sirach 41.13 A Good Name
13) "The days of a good life are numbered, but a good name endures forever."
Sirach 42.12-13 Wickedness of Women (-)
12-13) "Do not look upon any one for beauty, and do not sig in the midst of women; for from garments comes the moth, and from a woman comes woman's wickedness."
Sirach 42.14 Sirach's Misogony (-)
14) "Better is the wickedness of a man than a woman who does good; and it is a woman who brings shame and disgrace."
Sirach 43.11 Praising God for Creation
11) "Look upon the rainbow, and praise him who made it, exceedingly beautiful in its brightness."
Sirach 44.10 Praising Men Great and Small
Sirach praises great men whose names are remembered. He also praises the nameless righteous: 10) "But these were men of mercy, whose righteous deeds have not been forgotten."
Sirach 44-51 Praising Specific Men
Beginning with Enoch and ending with High Priest Simon son of Onias, who began a line of priests that continued through the Macedonian period and ended with Antiochus Epiphanes