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MPCS 8th Grade Language Arts Final (1st Semester) 2008

Language Arts Final (1st Semster)2008 8th grade Mrs. Welch
What does Avid mean?
Having a strong desire for, to the point of greed or Eager; Enthuastic
What does Brusque mean?
Abrupt in manner or speech; gruff or the quality or state of being brusque
What does Concise mean?
Abrupt and to the point
What does Demean mean?
To cause a lowering of self-esteem; to lower in repuation or character. or degrading
What does Despicable mean?
Deserving contempt or Scorn
What does Emulate mean?
To try to equal; to imitate
What does Evoke mean?
To call forth; to produce or To bring
What does excruciating mean?
Very Painful
What does inaugurate mean?
To install in office with a formal ceremony or to begin officiallly or mark the opening of or The act of installing in office
What does Pervade mean?
To spread throughout or Spreading throughout
What does proprietor mean?
An owner of a store or other business
What does pseudonym mean?
A ficitous name used by an author; a pen name
What does rebuff mean?
1. To reject bluntly 2. To drive back 3. A blunt reject 4. An abrupt setback in progress
What does resilient mean?
Capable of revocering quickly from misofrtune 2. Returning quickly to an original shape or condition 3. The ability to recover 4. The ability to spring back
What does turbulent mean?
Chaotic; unruly 2. Stormy; tempestous 3. Great disturbance or agitation 4. Rapid changes in wind speed and direction in the atmosphere
What does abrasion mean?
A wearing away or rubbing by friction
What does clad mean?
Clothed or covered
What does corroborate mean?
To provide evidence to make more certain; to confirm
What does cursory mean?
Done in a hurry and with little attention to detail
What does dehydrate mean?
To remove the water from
What does derive mean?
To take or receive from a source
What does electify mean?
To wire or quip with electric power
What does endeavor mean?
To attempt earnestly
What does gingerly mean?
Catious; very careful
What does grimace mean?
To make a face expression feelings of Pain, disgust, or contempt
What does gruesome mean?
Causing shock or horror
What does inventory mean?
A list of possessions or goods on hand
What does simulate mean?
To take on the qualities of another; to imitate
What does succumb mean?
To give up or give in to; to yield
What does surmise mean?
To suppose something without sufficient evidence
What does anonymous mean?
of an unknown source or unrevelaved name
What does anthology mean?
A collection of carious writins, such as songs, stories or poems
What does conjecture mean?
A conclusion based on guesswork or insufficent evidence
What does dispostion mean?
A person's usual mood; temperament
What does encompass mean?
To enclose or encircle
What does extricate mean?
To freefrom a difficult or tangled sitituation
What does generation mean?
One step in the line of descent of a family
What does guile mean?
Cunning or deceit un dealing with others; trickery
What does imperative mean?
Urgent; passing
What does instill or instil mean?
To introduce gradually in order to establish securely
What does modify mean?
to Make less extreme or severe
What does pivot mean?
A small bar on a rod on which something else turns
What does prevalent mean?
Commonly occurring; widely accepted or practiced
What does recur mean?
To come up again or to happen again
What does spontaneous mean?
Voluntary and unplanned
What does abhor mean?
To shrink in from disgust; to detest
What does affable mean?
Pleasant; approachable; gracious
What does amiss mean?
In a wrong or imperfect way
What does despondent mean?
Depressed from loss of hope or confidence; utterly discouraged
What does entreat mean?
To ask earnestly; to beg
What does haunt mean?
To stay in one's mind continually
What does impel mean? To
To drive or to Propel
What does interminable mean?
Endless; seeming to be without end
What does irascible mean?
Quick-tempered; irritable
What profound mean?
Intense; deeply felt
What does recluse mean?
A person who lives apart from society and often alone
What does reverberate mean?
To be repeated as in a series of echoes or vibrations
What does sage mean?
Having wisdom and good judgement
What does tirade mean?
A long, angry speach
What does tremulous mean?
Marked by trembling or shaking
What does audacious mean?
Willing to take risks; daring
What does confiscate mean?
To seize, by froce if necessary; to take possession of
What does conscientious mean?
Thorough; careful
What does depict mean?
To describe; to give a picture of
What does embark mean?
To go on board a ship or air plane at the start of a voyage
What does inkling mean?
A slight suspicion; a vauge idea
What does lackadaisical mean?
Showing little spirit or enthuasim
What does mutiny mean?
Delilbereate refusal to obey orders given by those in command, especially by sailors
What does pilfer mean?
To steal repeadtly small amounts or things that are of little value
What does profusion mean?
A plentiful supply; a great or generous amount
What does prudent mean?
Very careful; showing judgement and wisdom
What does rankle mean?
To cause continuing anger or irritation
What does rebuke mean?
To criticize strognly; to reprimand
What does serene mean?
Calm and untroubled; peaceful
What does slovelny mean?
Untidy; carelessy done
What does anarchy mean?
Total absence of government
What does Apprehend mean?
To seize; to arrest
What does arraign mean?
To bring before a court to face charges
What does assimilate mean?
To asorb into a population
What does bizarre mean?
Strikingly out of the ordinary; peculiar
What does calamity mean?
AN even that cause great suffering and harm; a disaster
What does conspire mean?
TO plan together secretly to do something wrong or illegal
What does dissension mean?
A difference of opinion; disagreement
What does elapse mean?
To pass or slip by (used with time).
What does imminent mean?
About to happen; likely to occur in the very near future
What does interrogate mean?
To ask questions of, especially in a thorough or formal manner
What does lionize mean?
To Treat as a celebirity
What does meticulous mean?
Extremely careful; attentive to small details
What does shackle mean?
A ring or band put around the arm or leg to prevent free movement
What does swelter mean?
To suffer from or to be overcome by great heat
What is a simile?
A comparison using like or as an example is I look like a princess
What is a metaphor and give an example.
A comparison that does not use like or as. Example Bible "I am the vine you are the brances"
What is Personification and give an example.
giving emotion to a inmaniate object. example the bell called out to the children for dinner
What is alliteration and give an example.
The Repetion of a begining sound/constant/vowel. example Peter Piper Picked a Pepper
What is an Onomatopeoia and give an example.
A word that says what it sounds. example BOOM! or BAM!
What is a hook?
A hook is a quote, aanecdote, or question to capture the interest of the audience
What is a transition?
A transition to make the writing flow
What is a Topic Sentence?
It tells the reader what to expect to learn about in this essay/paper you have written
What is a Conclusion?
The ending sentence of you're paper it must always make a refrence back to the introduction
What are the 6 traits of writing?
Ideas, Orginaztion, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation.
Who Wrote "The Tell Tale Heart"?
Edgar Allen Poe
What is some information on Edgar Allen Poe?
1. He wrote a lot of detective stories 2. Lived from 1809-1849 3. He was called "The invetnor of the Detective stories" 4. He died alone (aww :( haha)
What is the conflict in the story and who are the major characters?
The conflict is external and internal, it is external becuase it is between the Narrator vs. Old man and internal was Narrator vs. Narrator. The main characters are The Crazy Narrator and The old Man
What does the eye represent in "The Tell Tale Heart"
Who wrote "Up the Slide"?
Jack London
What is some information on Jack London?
1. He lived from 1876-1916 2. Was the most popular novelists and short story of his day 3. Wrote Call of the Wild 4.
Who is the main character in "Up the Slide"?
Clay Dillhion
How would you describe Clay?
He was cocky and very confident
What is the Conflict in this story? Is it Internal or external?
It is external it is Man vs Nature. It is Clay vs. the mountain and nature
Who Wrote "A Retrieved Reformation"?
Patrick O'Henry
What is some information on O'Henry?
1. He grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina then moved to texas 2. had lots of jobs (sorry I dont know very much information on Henry!)
Who is the Main character in "A Retrieved Reformation"?
Jimmy Valentine aka Ralph Spencer
What is the conflict in "A Retrieved Reformation"?
Not sure (sorry i dont know!)
Is there irony in "A Retrieved Reformation"? If so what is it?
Yes, That a safe Cracker is being taught how to crack a safe
Who wrote the Adventure of the Speckled Band?
Sir Aruthur Conan Doyle
What is some information on Sir Arthur Conana Doyle?
Before he was a writer he was a doctor