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I've been working in QA for the past 3 years,
making sure that all works, looks, and feels good

mainly focusing on functional and UI testing,
testing both Web and Mobile applications,

Making sure that requirements are implemented and reporting issues in Jira.
Working with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

I have a lot of experience with creating and maintaining QA documentation, using Testrail to create and execute test cases.

Working with tools like Chrome Dev Tools, Xcode, Android Studio, ADB, and Unix
Worked closely with Development and Product Management

...Well that's pretty much it...
Please feel free to ask if you have any particular questions.
I will double-check the requirements, if according to the requirements it's expected behavior - I will close the bug and leave a comment,
BUT if it's not expected according to requirements - I will reopen the bug, assign it back to the developer and leave a comment,
if the requirements are not clear or maybe missing, I will ask the product manager for clarifications.
And will close or reopen the ticket based on his answer.
I will try to reproduce on the reported device, will make sure that I'm following the right steps, using the right Environment, Device, Platform, Build.
I will try to reproduce on 1 or more other devices to make sure that it's not device-related.
If not reproducible - I will close the ticket and leave a comment.
*Example: "Not reproducible on this-and-this Device, Platform, Build"
If reproducible - I will reopen the ticket and assign it back to the developer with my comment.
*Example: "Reproducible on this-and-this Device, Platform, Build"
What UNIX (Linux) commands do you commonly use? (iOS, macOS)-pwd -cd -ls -cp -touch -grep -Open -MkdirWhat are your weaknesses?-I currently don't know any automation but I'm starting to learn it now/soon -Ice cream :-)Why did you choose the QA career?Because I love finding issues and contributing to creating a quality product, also i love to work in IT because new technology has always been my passion and I love to work with smart people.How do you write test cases?According to the business requirements. For every requirement, we need to create test cases. Requirements could be broken down into flows and each flow then gets broken down into individual pieces with detailed steps to perform the test.What is a bug life cycle in your company?After we open a bug the status is "Open", then it moves to a developer to fix the bug and the status changes to "In Development". After the bug is fixed it assigned to QA Engineer, and the status changes to "in QA", QA Engineer will start testing and will try to reproduce the issue, if not reproducible we close the ticket and status changes to "closed", if issue is reproducible we reopen the ticket and assign back to developer and leave a comment - status changes to "in Development", after that it goes back to "in QA" and closed or reopened based on the results. In case that the bug is still reproducible I will reopen the bug and assign back to the developer with my comment about where it's reproducible, which device, platform, build. If it's not reproducible: "Not reproducible on device, platform, build"If you need to complete 80 test cases in 5 days, but after the first day you completed 8 test cases, what will you do?I will work according to the priorities, highest priority tickets first (Highest>High>Medium>low), also I will raise a concern to QA Manager that we might need more time or effort/resources to finish this testing on time if I see that the test cases are complicated and time-consuming.How would you test a toaster? (or:a vending machine, elevator, pen, a cup, etc.)First, I will ask for requirements because we always create test cases based on the requirements. If we don't get any requirements and we are told to test it without requirements (for the interview), I will start from functional positive test cases, will verify that it turns on/off, that we are able to put inside the required amount of slices, that it stops warming it once the expected amount of time is over. Will continue with functional negative testing - what will happen once we do things we shouldn't do with the toaster, like using it upside down, or in a horizontal way instead of vertical, will continue with UI testing, making sure that it is made from the right materials and it has the required design, warnings, brand name, etc. (Verify that... Verify that...)Which latest versions of iOS and Android did you work with ? which devices? Latest Android/iOS Versions:Android devices: Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8+ Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10+ Galaxy Note 10+ Version: 11.0 iOS devices: iphone 7+ iphone 8 iphone 8+ iphone X iphone XS Version 14.7Which file name was for iOS and Android apps ? (*.ipa/.apk)Application file on iOS called .ipa and on Android called .apkTell me about your projectI am working on a web application called Anybe which is a platform that makes it possible to try any job for a little while. Employers can post job offers which users can accept in order to get new work experience and do something completely different. This platform included two parts: testing it from the user's side and as an employer.Why do you want to leave your current job and work with us?Because of the crisis our company lost many clients and that's why company is laying off people now , I want to find a stable long term opportunityWhat responsibilities do you have there?We are using TestRail to write and execute test cases and of course Jira both for filing bugs and testing our platform on. I am responsible for testing out platforms on both mobile and web apps of Jira and I am covering different browsers. I always aim to provide our customers with great user experience and a high quality product.How did you set a priority?It depends on different factors, such as company culture, phase of the SDLC, place (main page or not?), and type (Functional or UI) of the issue and priorities of the company. In some companies, UI was more important in others it was not. Mostly functional issues were a higher priority than UI issues, and it also depended on where the issue was - e.g., if on the main page then the priorities were higher than on the non-popular page.What is a Test CaseStep Verifying that the requirement is implementedTest Case components (test suites/test runs as well): please learn it1. Test case ID 2. Title / Purpose Test description; Intent; Objective; etc 3. Pre-conditions 4. Instructions (Steps) How to get an application from base state to an expected result; 5. Expected result* Expected application behavior based on requirements 6. Actual result (only after execution) Actual application behavior 7. Pass/Fail (status) Verification of actual result (application behavior) against expected result (specified in the test case)What would you do if you don't know what to do and you're stuck?If the answer is not in the documentation (try to investigate for 15-20 min), I will try to search for the answer using google, youtube, confluence page (Knowledge share page). If I'm still stuck then I'll ask another QA person or a lead for guidance. If there's still no answer, then I will ask the QA manager or the developer for help in order to be productive and not wasting time.Tell me about your day at work09:00 arrive for work and open your email and Slack to see if there was something urgent 09:15 "Stand-up meeting" (or: "project team meeting"/"scrum meeting" 15 min) (you will discuss what you are working on today and hear the others) 09:30 going through email and assigned to me test-suites/test-runs (also sometimes known as "test plans") 12:00 lunch (+a walk) 12:45 keep doing the test-runs OR work on assigned to you tickets OR write test cases* (if you are done with test suites and tickets) 13:30 raise (created) bugs/defects 14:00 "update and add test cases if necessary" 15:00 going through assigned to me tickets to verify (fixed or not) 17:30 complete daily status report (usually once a week, Friday) 18:00 Go home ;-)How did you get to QA?I learned Software Testing on Udemy.com, and after i got my first job :-) Love it!How can a tester be sure that a bug has been fixed?Try to reproduce it on the new build/version, and verify that it's no longer reproducible across the supported platforms and devices.What is a Regression test?Regression Testing is defined as a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features Regression Testing is nothing but a full or partial selection of already executed test cases which are re-executed to ensure existing functionalities work fine.Describe one big bug that you found in your project?/ What is your biggest bug?/ What is the most interesting bug you have encountered?I had this time when We had a page with infinite scrolling due to hundreds of items that were loading on the list, this was blocking the user from accessing the "contact us" page and our phone number and email which was located in the footer of the page.Differences between Mobile and Web testing:Mobile/Web: In Mobile, we check Installation, Interruption (calls, messages, notifications, battery charge), Different Memory size, battery power consumption, portrait/landscape (vertical/horizontal), input method(different keyboard), swiping, navigation, screen size, in the mobile network: 2G, 3G, 4G Mobile Apps can work without an internet connection; Device fragmentation(for example: In one company there are many devices and systems, versions) Web Applications are more vulnerable to the hacks compared to the Mobile ApplicationBriefly explain your mobile testing process..We always start from the requirements, to make sure what we are testing and where, which supported device, platform (android/ios?) and build, what are the preconditions, which settings should be turned on or off, is it vertical mode or horizontal mode, we want to test according to the test cases that were created for the requirements, we also want to test interruption of calls and messages during the usage of the app, we want to test install, upgrade and uninstall of the app.Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years as a QA engineer?I see myself as a professional QA Engineer, with deep knowledge of the product and the technology, using new tools and automation (started learning classes now on udemy.com)Describe a bugA mismatch between actual and expected behaviorHow big is your team?(12) 3 Android dev (Developers) 2 iOS dev 2 QA (manual) 1 QA Manager 1 Product Manager (PM) 1 UX Designer 1 Front end developer 1 Back end developerHow many bugs did you write on average per day?It depends, on a regular day it was 5-7 but if we had new features or pages it could also be 10-12.How many test cases did you execute on average per day?It depends, 25-30 on average if I didn't have other tasks to work on.How many test cases did you write on average per day?Depends on the day and the tasks, between 0-30.What do you need to do when you find a bug?Reproduce the steps across different supported platforms and devices in order to isolate the issue and make sure that it's not only a device-related issue, if it's reproducible we want to create a bug reportHow do you perform GUI (UI) testing?According to requirements or Design document or based on GUI standards, to make sure all looks and feels good, nothing is overlapped, misaligned, or truncated. Everything must be aligned, have correct grammar and format (color, size, font).What kind of issues do you encounter in browser compatibility testing?UI issues on Internet Explorer (IE), some buttons/elements/images are overlapped, misaligned, and truncated on different browsers. CSS is often broken in older versions of IE.What do you look for inside a log file?I was looking for crashes, errors, exceptions *If they ask how: using "grep" command in UNIX to find themWhat devices do you test first?By priority and Supported Devices and OS in requirements. Usually, the company provides a list of devices and OS by priority. I will test the highest priority devices first (P1) and if we have enough time and resources will test later P2, usually, we didn't have time for non-P1 devices. This priority is based on a business document that lists the most popular devices used by the users of the application. Not always a company has a defined list of supported OSs and devices. If they don't have it, ask PMs what are the most common devices across your users and start with those.What can you bring to the company?I can bring years of experience and help deliver a quality product for our customers, I'm hard working and very detail-oriented. I can bring great performance and results to the team in order to create a great user experience for our customers. I'm a quick learner and multi-tasker.When you were a part of a team which was working exceptionally well, what, in your opinion, were the reasons for its success?Communication, documentation, and prioritization. Established Processes.How have you in the past contributed to the success of your employer?I was working hard and smart (prioritization) in order to test all possible scenarios to make sure we deliver a quality product as much as possible bug-free, I was staying late in order to meet deadlines and was adding and editing test cases and test suites to improve the coverage of our testing.When you are working on a problem (e.g. test scenario/bug), but you are unable to get the information you need, who, most likely, will you ask for help?Documentation (PRD, BRD, Design document, Confluence page, product stories in Jira), Google, youtube, If after 15-20 min research this doesn't help I will ask the relevant QA person/QA Lead/QA Manager/Developer/Product Manager and make sure that I add the answer to our "knowledge base" (Example: Confluence page or Google Doc) document/page to make sure I or someone else won't need to ask that question again.Please, describe the interaction with development and product teams based on your own experience.We were communicating via Slack, worked closely with the development and Product manager over the tickets that had to be prioritized/verified/reopened/closed, or clarifying the expected behavior, or discussing the actual behavior.If there is no documentation available, how do you know what to test and how to perform testing properly?We were communicating via Slack, worked closely with the development and Product manager over the tickets that had to be prioritized/verified/reopened/closed, or clarifying the expected behavior, or discussing the actual behavior.If there is no documentation available, how do you know what to test and how to perform testing properly?I was mostly working with requirements, but in case that I won't have any, I would ask the PM what is the expected behavior, if that is missing and I'm told to test it without requirements I would just compare it to similar (competitor) quality product and also use the app as a user and will make sure that the app behaves as expected by the user. I will also ask access to the tickets/stories according to which the app was created by the developers. Those tickets will be our requirements until we receive updated requirements. I will also ask to schedule a meeting with the product manager, QA and the development to better understand the requirements and the expected behavior.What are your strengths?I pay attention to details, good communication skills, multi-tasker, emphatic. Quick learner. I love to break things. I have a passion for quality, Since I was a kid I've always been breaking the toys :)What types of HTTP response codes do you know?200 OK (Success) 201 Created 300 Multiple Choices 301 Moved Permanently 302 Found 304 Not Modified 307 Temporary Redirect 400 Bad Request 401 Unauthorized 403 Forbidden 404 Not Found 410 Gone 500 Internal Server Error 501 Not Implemented 503 Service Unavailable 550 Permission deniedHow do you deal with conflicts?I usually get along easily and I have never been involved in a conflict at work. In case I ever have to deal with this, I would try to take the person aside and discuss the issue first. I listen actively to make sure I understand the other person's point of view, and I work with the person to develop a solution together. If we cannot resolve this issue over communication with each other, I would probably seek advice from my manager first, then HR if needed.In the past when you had time constraints and you were unable to test the entire application; what areas did you focus on and why?The most functional (positive) parts related to the core functionality of the app, for example, if it was a dating app, for the search, images, and chat. To make sure it serves the main reason (purpose) users are using it.What does quality assurance mean to you?Delivering the best possible experience for our customers The product that meets expectations, also when the customer is Satisfied. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is the process of monitoring and improving all activities associated with software development, from requirements gathering to coding, testing, and implementation.When do we stop testing ? How do you know when the product is ready to be released?- When the product meets the expectations, we executed all the test cases, and there are no high priority bugs related to the feature open. - When all test cases are executed and "exit criteria" have been met.What is exit criteria? -As a common process of SDLC, each company has to decide what priority of the known bugs - product can be released with.Tell me what QA Engineers do in Agile SDLC?Since Agile SDLC is a very fast paced approach, QA engineers are usually involved from the very early stage such as Design and Planning. During the Development stage QA engineers can already start writing test cases based on the requirements and other documentation. When software is ready, QA engineers start the testing of the software. After the software has been released to the final user QA department may still be involved during the maintenance stage going over user reported issues and verifying bug fixes.Describe the QA Process* Test Planning - (Done by QA Managers) * Test Development - (Creating test cases, done by leads or other QA people) * Test Execution - (By QA testers, can be around 30 Test Cases per day) * Bug Reporting - (Jira, you write around 5-7 bugs per day, depends on the tasks) * Defect Management - (Verifying bug tickets, closing or reopening, comments)How do you measure the success of Software QualityWith introduction rate of production bugs post-release, effective functional testing process and minimum time spent on regressionWhat is smoke testing?Smoke Testing is performed to verify that the critical functionality of the program is working fine. -Does the program run? -Does it open a window? -Does clicking the main buttons do anything?What is exploratory/ad-hoc testing?You are learning and exploring the application by using it and going through the different features and pages.How long was a sprint in your previous job?2-3 weeks following 4 days of regression testingWhat is the most important in bug entryMost people believe that the most important thing is a: -Priority because only priority decides if the issue will be worked on or not, however, -Steps to reproduce is the only thing that helps bug to be worked on. -The environment is the only place that will tell us on which devices and platforms it's happening. -Also, the attachments are very important especially log file and screenshot/video-recording.Tell me about your company sprint cycleMost companies prefer a 3 weeks sprint cycle. The first most important thing is Planning, that is happening before Sprint. From the first day of Sprint - functional period for about 2 weeks following code complete. After is Regression for about 3-4 days and release, followed by Sanity test (or Smoke test) on production.What are the reasons for rejecting the bug-Duplicate -Works for me/can't reproduce -Will not fix / Feature / Works as designed / not a bugWhen do you start regressionRegression starts right after code freeze (whenever developers stop adding new code)Tell me about regression testingFunctional test post code freeze to see if tickets related to the current sprint did not break existing functionality. Regression starts right after code freeze.What is error code 404?Page not found 404s are common messages when website content or a page has been removed or moved to another URL or if using a broken link.What is the error code 500?Internal server error, It means something has gone wrong on the server-side but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is. Usually, it is related to backend bugs.What is roll back in SDLC?Roll back is when release failed and previous versions of the application have to be released until the fix is foundWhat is a test plan?TEST PLAN is a document that describes the objectives, scope, approach, and focus of a software testing effort. We never did it, it was made by our management. (QA Manager or Lead) but I understand it and I can do it if you give me 1 hour on GoogleDo you have any experience with API testing?:Sure. I have experience working with REST APIs. I use Postman in order to make (test) API calls. I have also worked with Charles Proxy and Chrome DevTools in order to verify backend API calls made by the application under test.Who is the best candidate for automation?Regression testing, anything that is repetitiveWhat did you achieve?Achievement examples: I discovered an important bug for business: some users could not complete purchase / payment. I found it in production and reported. After we have fixed it, we noticed income raise of 8%.What kind of requirements did you work with?PRD, DesignWhere are the requirements located?on Google Drive (shared with our team)Which format was the requirements document in?- It was a PDF with the PRD. (how all should work) - And PDF with Design. (How all should look)How many pages did your PRD have?25!What kind of comments do you leave once it's as expected?- "as designed" or "not a bug' - If it's against the requirement the comment would be for example: "This is a valid bug according to the requirements page 27 line 7"What is black-box testing?Black-box testing is a method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings. (testing without the access to the code)What do you prefer: white or black box testing?-I mostly was focused on black box (Functional, GUI testing) and grey-box (SQL, API, Chrome DevTools) testing. Black box and Grey box is what I do. -Would love to learn white box testing. I'm actually starting automation classes with python soon.What is the difference between positive and negative testing?-Positive testing aimed at showing software works as intended when the user does correct actions. -Negative testing aimed at showing that software handles properly situations in which the user acts not as the user is supposed to act (invalid inputs, unreasonable selections of settings, etc.)What you don't like about QA?.......................That we are in the bad news reporting business :) but someone needs to do that job - and it's gonna be meWhat do you like about QA?I always had passion for tech and I like working with smart people, I like to break things, and I like to improve the user's experience ;-)How many bugs do you report in one bug report? Why?One, to ensure each bug is fixed and closed, each kind of issue should have its own bug report, if we have multiple issues of the same kind we can write one bug report which is going to list all of the issues associated with this (same) problem on the page/pages with the links to each of them.Which browsers do you like and why?Chrome, fast, and I love to use chrome developer tools in testing.When is the best time to do Cross Browser Testing?Any testing reaps the best benefits when it is done early on. Therefore, the industry recommendation is to start with it as soon as the page designs are available. Supported browsers of course.How do you prepare a browser for GUI (UI) testing?I clear cache and cookies (not always, because users don't do it all the time and we want ideally to feel the user experience), I make sure I have the supported version of the browser. *We can also use chrome developer tools for verifying font, colors, size, etc...Which command do you run to list all the audio files .wav in a specific path?ls -l *.wavHow to copy file/directory to or from the device with ADB:-adb push <local> <remote> -adb push 'test.csv' /sdcard/test.csv ('test.csv file will be pushed to sdcard) -adb pull <remote> <local> -adb pull /sdcard/test.csv /home/test.csv ('test.csv file will be pulled from sdcard to home directory) -adb install -r *for updating the app: for installing while keeping the app's data *is the closest you get, that is actually update as it keeps the database and stored preferences. If you uninstall/re-install both the app database and preferences are deleted.How to write an Android bug report to a file via ADB?adb bugreport > bugreport.txt This will generate a text file with the above name in the same directory, which you can then attach to the issue. Be patient, it may take 10 seconds or more to generate.How did you upgrade the iOS app?1) Install version 1 (Xcode) 2) Do some actions in the app, see that it works 3) Install (+) a new version on the old using Xcode 4) Test a new version.If an application is currently in production, and one module of code is being modified; is it necessary to re-test the whole application, or is it enough to just test functionality associated with that module?* It depends on what this module is connected, but overall just the functionality associated with that module, but in case that it's related to another module - we would test it as well. * If we don't know the related modules we should test the whole build, only if we know exactly related modules we can test the related only.When does Testing begin?1) Requirements 2) App: when the code is ready for testingHow can you describe the QA process in your last company?Agile. the name of the company was "x". We were writing test cases and bug reports. Executing test cases from the test suites/test-runs. The day was starting from reading emails, meetings, and discussion (9:15 am for 15-20 min "standup meeting"/also known as "Scrum-meeting") on what we are working on and mentioning if there are concerns or questions. Verifying implementation of requirements (executing test cases), raising bugs (Jira) if there were mismatches between actual and expected behavior, and verifying bug fixes. Closing the bugs if they are no longer reproducible or reopening them if they are reproducible. (always commenting about the result)What is the most important impact QA can have on a product development process?-To find real problems and make the app much better for users satisfaction, -Clarifying requirements and minimizing re-writing of the code due to the change in requirements.What are some of the differences between Agile and Waterfall?Agile- most of the companies use this model. It has different methods (scrum). Everybody is involved. Requirements are more dynamic. very dynamic. Communication is much easier between the teams. Waterfall- documentation is important. requirements are specified. Difficult to go back, not flexible. Old model. Requirements are fixed.If you find a bug what do you do next?- Web > Try to reproduce it on the reported platform and browser versions, if still reproducible - compare to other versions (Chrome 75/73) and platforms (for example macOS/Windows) - Mobile > Try to reproduce it on the reported device and on different other supported devices and platforms (for example, Android 6.0 and 8.0, and iOS 9)What types of testing do you know?-Black Box (Functional/Manual/UI) -Positive and Negative (Functional) -Grey Box (SQL, API, Chrome Dev Tools) -White Box (Example: grep error/crash/exception in the log file) -Smoke -Regression -Ad Hoc/Exploratory -Verification testing (Verification is checking for conformance and consistency by evaluating the results against pre-specified requirements. (Verification: Are we building the system right?) -Validation testing is the process of checking that what has been specified is what the user actually wanted. (Validation: Are we building the right system?)Have you ever done Beta testing?No, Beta testing takes place at customers' sites and involves testing by a group of customers who use the system at their own locations and provide feedback, before the system is released to other customers.Can you provide examples of functional vs. non-functional testing?*Non-Functional: "How" the system works? - Usability, compatibility, response times, capacity for performance testing, reliability, maintainability, etc... *Functional: "What" the system does? - Typically described in requirements; - Verify that functions work as specified. Functional: -Smoke Testing -Regression Testing -Sanity Testing -Integration Testing -System Testing -Acceptance Testing Non-Functional: -Usability Testing -Load Testing -Performance Testing -Compatibility Testing -Stress Testing -Scalability TestingWhat is performance testing?Testing performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. *looking for a system to slow down under specified load *Load, Stress, Spike, Endurance, Configuration testing - are the instances of Performance TestingWhat is sanity testing?Sanity Testing is done to check the new functionality/bugs have been fixedWhat is stress testing?Stress testing is conducted to understand the behavior of the system under an extreme load. Stress testing is a software testing activity that determines the robustness of software by testing beyond the limits of normal operation.If you don't have the requirements, how would you start testing?* ASK for the requirements! but if no requirements still.... * Use common sense * Try exploratory testing. (like user) * Test the core functionality of the app (start with functional positive > negative > GUI..) * Test most popular platforms and devices (if you don't have the requirements) * Compare to similar applicationsWhat is special about web testing?Testing without installation and upgrades, but heavy on compatibility (how it works on different browsers, platforms, and devices).What is special about mobile testing?Testing with a focus on installation, upgrades, backward compatibility, and device compatibility.What is the difference between a mobile app (Native) and a web app?There are many differences between both of them. The most basic difference is that the Web App runs on browser and mobile app (native) runs on the device itself. Web Application needs an active internet connection for it to work on your devices. Mobile App (Native) works without an active internet connection. The hybrid mobile app works with an internet connection.What is sign off?It is a process after successful regression where QA lead signs off on testing and allows release to move forwardTell me about a time when you worked on a team-based project when a member was not doing their share of the work."Currently I do have a team member who does the bare minimum whenever possible. I will not allow that to take away from my success on the job, so I have decided to use it as an opportunity to shine personally. I will take the additional workload on myself, and deliver to our clients on time. Over the last four months, I have received multiple kudos from my clients because of my dedication. It is not my responsibility to change her/his work ethic; however, I can choose my actions. My choice is to work hard and be a dedicated employee no matter what others are choosing to do."What are the two key things in Bugs of the software testingThey are: (only for interview) 1) Severity 2) Priority (at work we only work with Priority in 99% of the companies) Severity: It is the extent to which the defect can affect the software. In other words, it defines the impact that a given defect/bug has on the system. Priority: It is the extent to which the defect can affect the business.What is an acceptance test?Acceptance testing aims to verify build is finally good to go to prod. Very first check is "smoke", not "acceptance".How did you use Google (Chrome) Dev Tools while working on your last project (give particular examples)?To verify color, size, font, image name. (Inspect element) I compared it to the design document which indicated which font, size, color they should have.What type of tickets (Jira) do you know?There are: -Bugs -Story -Epic -Features/Enhancement request (we only create bugs, we test any ticket that is assigned to us no matter its type, usually it's only bug, but if it's a story - we don't close it, just leave a comment with our observation and ask the PM to change the status accordingly).What do QA Engineers do after releaseSanity/Smoke testing on production (we also do it before release)What is Hot Fix?Emergency release outside of the sprint planningWhat is the process of Triaging bugs?Triaging is the process of reviewing bugs to ensure they are valid, reproducible, and have accurate information that allows them to be resolved and tested. After a bug is triaged, it should be sequenced according to the priority for fixing it. To triage you must have permission to edit bugs.What does it mean team playerUsually, an engineer that collaborates with other team members, works well with others, and avoids conflicts.What do we measure in performance testing?Response time of the platform, using large data sets in the database or loads of users actively using the platform at the same time. Temperature, battery consumption or FPS (frame per second - if it's video)What is a compatibility matrixTesting the same thing on different platforms, browser or devicesWhat is a backlog?Unresolved bugs and non-prioritized product stories in the bug tracking system like Jira, that are not part of any sprintWhat is accessibility testing?Usually, it is test to define how easy it is to use the product by people with disabilitiesWhat is Usability testing?It's a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users.How do you save passwords in DB (DataBase)?Using encryption / decryption process passwords are saved with the hash function in the DB. ↓ hash (*****) in DBHow do you choose what browser to use for testing?What browser is used by the product's customers. QA engineers must collect this information from business analysts or search for this information. Usually, QA is given a required list of devices and platforms + OS Versions (iOS, OS, Android) from the QA Manager or QA Lead.What is a Web-based application?Any application which can be accessed through the URL is called web-based application. In the web-based application entire software is installed at the server. Users access the application from a browser using a URL.What is a Standalone Application?Software installed on one computer and used by only one person. For example, Installing software of a Calculator, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office.How would you copy files between 2 devices over the network?On MacBook using Airdrop or on Windows using HomeGroup (Windows 10)What is Reboot?In computing, rebooting is the process by which a running computer system is restarted, either intentionally or unintentionallyHow do you keep up with constantly changing modern technologies?I watch youtube tutorials and lectures about different new devices and toolsHow to test UI (color, size, font) on a Web app?Chrome dev toolsHow to test UI (color, size, font) on a mobile app?Take the screenshot of your app, where you need to find out the font and its size. Then use WhatTheFont app, upload your screenshot there and it'll tell you the font and size.What is performance testing?In software quality assurance, performance testing is in general a testing practice performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. (Example: I was testing Temperature, Battery consumption, FPS in a set of time of 5,10,30 min)What is the software development life cycle? (SDLC)A term used in software engineering to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system.What is a pop up window?A window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you select an option with a mouse or press a special function key. Usually, the pop-up window contains a menu of commands and stays on the screen only until you select one of the commands. It then disappears.How do you know which build you are testing?You check in "About" build number