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(True/False) A software suite is a group of software programs that have been bundled as a package


(True/False) Database applications use tables to group related records together


(True/False) Database applications, such as Oracle, Corel Paradox, and Microsoft Access, are basically complex electronic filing systems.


(True/False) Excel and Lotus 123 are examples of spreadsheet software


(True/False) Game ratings are established by the Entertainment Software Rating Board to help users choose games appropriately by content.


(True/False) In presentation software, a template is a feature that adds different effects, such as moving from one slide to the next during a presentation


(True/False) Integrated software applications and software suites are essentially the same things


(True/False) Integrated software applications are good substitutes for the full suite of applications they replace because they include many of the complex features of the individual productivity software


(True/False) Macros are small programs that group a series of commands to run as a single command


(True/False) Many spreadsheets have the ability to sort, filter, and group data


(True/False) Many word-processing software packages have themes of coordinated colors and styles that you can use throughout your document


(True/False) Microsoft Word is often used by professionals for complex desktop publishing tasks such as textbook layouts


(True/False) Most spreadsheet applications allow you to create a variety of charts.


(True/False) MP3 is a type of video compression


(True/False) MP3 is an audio-compression format that increases the quality of the sound but produces the disadvantage of using more storage capacity to accommodate it.


(True/False) Presentation software such as PowerPoint is used to create general documents


(True/False) Software applications that you buy don't belong to you-you're actually purchasing a license that gives you the right to use the software for your own purposes as the only user of that copy.


(True/False) Software applications that you buy don't belong to you-you're actually purchasing a license that gives you the right to use the software for your own purposes as the only user of that copy.


(True/False) Speech Recognition Software is now 100% accurate


(True/False) The primary benefit of spreadsheet software is its ability to recalculate functions and formulas in the spreadsheet automatically when values for inputs change.


(True/False) There are no real risks associated with installing or downloading beta versions from the Internet.


(True/False) To delete or uninstall a program, select the icon on the desktop and delete it


(True/False) Virtual reality software is a form of 3D modeling that engineers use to create automated designs, technical drawings, and model visualizations.


(True/False) Virtual reality software is used only in video games


(True/False) is an example of an online productivity software package


(True/False) Windows Vista is considered to be an operating system software


(True/False) Wizards are step-by-step guides for performing complicated tasks in application software


(True/False) Word-Processing software allows you to easily change the appearance and organization of your documents


_____, the word-processing program in the OpenOffice Suite, has many of the same tools you are used to seeing in Microsoft Word.


A form of 3-D modeling used by engineers to create automated designs, technical drawings, and model visualizations

Computer-Aided Design

Agreement between you, the user, and the software developer

Software License

Answers to the most common questions found on Web sites


Apple, QuickTime, and Microsoft Media Player are examples of _____ software.

Digital Video Editing

Documentation for a product built directly into the software so that you don't need to keep track of bulky manuals

Integrated Help

File format that assists with document sharing


File that includes specific page-layout designs, special formatting and styles relevant to that particular document, and automated tasks (macros)


Forms that provide the basic structure for a particular kind of document are known as _____.


Free downloadable word-processing application


Free version of software still under development


In a database, a data category such as "First Name" is called a _____.


Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect Office are examples of _____.

Software Suites

Numbers appearing after software names denotes _____.

Program Version

Placement of copies of an application onto more than one computer when the license agreement does not permit this

Software Piracy

Preprogrammed formulas used in spreadsheet software are called _____.


Productivity software is software that helps perform various tasks generally required in home, school, and business?


Program custom developed to address the specific needs of a particular company

Propriety Software

Program in the operating system that helps manage system resources

Utility Program

Programs that let you create or edit two-dimensional, line-based drawings

Drawing Software

Programs that provide street maps and written directions to locations nationwide

Mapping Programs

Programs that turn artificial environments into a realistic experience

Virtual Reality Programs

Small programs that group a series of commands to run as a single command are called _____.


Software companies are trying to eliminate bulky manuals by incorporating _____ into their applications?

Integrated Help

Software designed for a specific industry

Vertical Market Software

Software installation that allows you to decide which features you would like to install on the hard drive.


Software that allows you to experience or control the software as if it were the actual software or an actual event

Simulation Software

Software that enables you to perform various tasks generally required in home, school, and business

Productivity Software

Software that is distributed for free with certain conditions is called _____.


Software that lets you create letters, budgets, and graphics

Application Software

Software that lets you incorporate and arrange graphics and text in your documents in creative ways

Desktop Publishing Software

Software that runs the computer and coordinates instructions between application software and hardware devices

System Software

Software used to accomplish tasks such as writing letters, editing photos, and taking online courses

Application Software

Software used to create and edit documents

Word-Processing Software

Software used to manage calendars and to-do lists


Spreadsheet software for use with calculations


Step-by-step guide that walks you through the necessary steps to complete a complicated task


System software does all the following except __________.
"Help run the computer"
"Coordinate instructions between application software and the computer's hardware devices"
"Help manage system resources"
"Add graphics and pictures to files"

Add graphics and pictures to files

The primary benefit of a spreadsheet program is _____.

Automatic Recalculation

When available, the best way to remove an unwanted software application is to __________.

Use the application's uninstall program

Which Microsoft Office software has the purpose of managing large projects?

Managing Large Projects

Which of the following is a low-cost alternative to the big three software suites?


Which of the following is a valid example of an Excel formula?


Which of the following is an example of an integrated software application?
"Microsoft Works"
"Corel Central"
"Microsoft Office"
"Lotus 123"

Microsoft Works

Which of the following is an example of PIM software?
"Microsoft Access"
"Lotus Freelance"
"Corel QuattroPro"
"Microsoft Outlook"

Microsoft Outlook

Which of the following is not a course management program?


Which of the following is the smallest unit that distinguishes one word from another in speech-recognition software?
"Database Software"
"Presentation Software"
"System Software"
"Word Processing Software"


Which software type is not considered productivity software?

System Software

Which type of software features slide layouts, design templates, and animation effects?

Presentation Software

Which type of software features tables, records, and fields for data organization?

Database Software

Which type of software helps automate everyday management tasks and electronically replaces items such as an address book, to-do lists, and calendars?

Personal Information Manager Software

Which type of software uses cells, rows, and columns to input data?

Spreadsheet Software

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