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Chapter 11 : Databases and Information System : Questions

(True/False) "Data integrity" means that that data contained in the database is accurate and reliable
(True/False) A consistency check compares the values of data in two or more fields in a database to see if these values are reasonable
(True/False) A data warehouse includes data that pertains to just one period in time
(True/False) A record is a group of related database fields
(True/False) All of the data in a relational database is stored in the same table
(True/False) All related data , even simple tasks, should be housed in a database to create organized information
(True/False) Almost all relational databases today use structured query language, or SQL
(True/False) Data dictionary and database schema refer to the same thing
(True/False) Data integrity means that the data contained in a database is safe from hackers and corrpution
(True/False) Data mining is the process by which great amounts of data are normalized
(True/False) Data mining is the process by which large amounts of data are analyzed to spot otherwise hidden trends
(True/False) Data redundancy in a database can result in a waste of data entry time, storage space, and processing time
(True/False) Databases provide for data centralization
(True/False) Databases, data warehouses, and data marts are integral parts of information systems because they store the information that makes information systems functional
(True/False) Forecasting allows managers to assign a value, based on some criterion, to data
(True/False) If you are going to store a phone number as a 10-digit number with no formatting, then the number data type is appropriate for that field
(True/False) Information systems are software-based solutions used to gather and analyze information
(True/False) Many businesses mine data to understand their customers better
(True/False) Object-oriented databases are adept at handling unstructured data such as audio clips, video clips, pictures, and extremely large documents
(True/False) Precautions must be taken to guarantee that information entered into a database is in a useful format
(True/False) Primary keys have to be numbers that are already contained in the database
(True/False) Real-time processing means that the database is queried and updated while the transaction is taking place
(True/False) Small slices of a data warehouse are called data mines
(True/False) The objective of an ERP is to accumulate all information relevant to running a business in a central location and make it readily available to whomever needs the information to make decisions
(True/False) The two main advantages of multidimensional databases are that they can easily be customized to provide information to a variety of users (based on their need) and they can process data much faster than pure relational databases can
(True/False) There are no disadvantages associated with using databases
(True/False) To establish a relationship between two tables, both tables must have a common field
(True/False) Transaction processing means that transaction data is accumulated until a certain point is reached, and then a number of transactions are processed all at once
__________ are the values the database uses for the field unless the user enters another value.
Default Values
___________ is the process of ensuring that data entered into a database is correct (or at least reasonable) and complete.
Data Validation
____________ databases are characterized by logical linkages between tables via primary and foreign keys.
A _____ relationship indicates that for each record in a table, there is only one corresponding record
A category of information in a database table
A technique for understanding spoken or written language
Natural Language Processing
A(n) ____________ organizes data in table format by logically grouping similar data into relations (or tables that contain related data).
Relational Database
A(n) ______________ is used to keep track of everyday business activities.
Transaction Processing System
All of the following are advantages of using a database except _____.
"Maintaining Data Integrity"
"Data Redundancy"
"Flexible Use of Data"
"Information Sharing"
Data Redundancy
All of the following are part of the process of data staging for a data warehouse except _____.
An individual trained in the design and building of databases is called a database _____
Another name for the primary key is the key _____
Application software specifically designed to interact with the user to capture and analyze data
Broad-based software systems that integrate multiple data sources and tie together the various processes of an enterprise to enable information to flow more smoothly
Enterprise Resource Planning System
Collection of related data that can be easily stored, sorted, organized, and queried
Companies use a software program on their Web sites to capture information about each click that users make as they navigate through the site. This data is referred to as _____.
Clickstream data
Compares the values of data in two or more fields to see if these values are reasonable
Consistency Check
Confirms that only numbers are entered in the field
Numeric Check
Criteria used to ensure that data entered into the database is correct (or at least reasonable) and complete
Validation Rules
Data contained in the database is accurate and reliable
Data Integrity
Database query language
Structured Query Language
Databases that contain not only data, but also methods of processing or manipulating that data are called ____________ databases.
Defines the maximum number of characters or numbers that a field can hold
Field Size
Designed to assist employees in accomplishing their day-to-day tasks and to improve communications
Office Support System
Ensures that all fields defined as required have data entered in them
Completeness Check
Ensures that data entered into the database falls within a certain span of numbers
Range Check
Helps managers develop solutions for specific problems
Decision Support System
If all students at a college were from New Jersey, the "State" field could be set to a _____.
"Test Value"
"Foreign Key"
"Default Value"
"Standard Value"
Default Value
In a database, an object field is used for storing __________.
"Variable-length text and numbers"
"Graphics and audio content"
"Fixed-length text and numbers"
"Data about physical objects such as computers"
Graphics and audio content
Indicates what type of data can be stored in the field
Data Type
Information system that produces management reports
Management Information System
Large databases accessed by many users, such as those used by ebay, are usually designed as _____ databases.
Large object data in binary form
Binary Large Object
Occurs when there is duplicate information in tables
Data Redundancy
Property that must be satisfied for an entry to be accepted into the field
Field Constraint
Provides a consolidated picture of detailed data
Summary Report
SQL is a(n) __________.
"Type of database architecture"
"Query Language"
"Application Programming Language"
"Relational database program"
Query Language
Supports order processing, payroll, and other routine transactions
Transaction Processing System
The primary key is a unique field also referred to as _____.
Key Field
The process of eliminating data redundancy by ensuring that tables in a database pertain to a single topic is called _____.
Transaction processing done in real time
Online Transaction Processing
What is important to remember when designing a database?
"Data redundancy leads to wasted time and increased errors. Design your database to avoid redundancy"
"Formatting is as important as data layout"
"To design a database, a person must know a programming language such as SQL"
"Databases are appropriate for maintaining small amounts of data but not so much for large amounts")
Data redundancy leads to wasted time and increased errors
When you want to extract data from two or more tables, you can use a(n) _____ query
Which of the following applications is considered an office support system?
"A company's expert system"
"An ATM system"
"Windows XP"
"Microsoft Office"
Microsoft Office
Which of the following is a database management system?
"Microsoft Excel"
"Microsoft Access"
"Microsoft Project"
Microsoft Access
Which of the following is a reason for creating a list instead of creating a database?
"To organize data for simple tasks"
"To prevent data inconsistency"
"To prevent data redundancy"
"To make it easier to share data in a central location"
To organize data for simple tasks
Which of the following is not a category of information systems?
"Management Information System"
"Office Support System"
"Knowledge-Based System"
"Transaction Processing System"
Knowledge-Based System
Which of the following is not a data-mining technique?
"Model Management"
"Affinity Grouping"
Model Management
Which of the following is not a possible primary key?
"Social Security Number"
"Driver's License Number"
"Street Address"
"Student ID Number"
Street Address
Which of the following is NOT an example of a common data type?
Which of the following is NOT one of the four main operations of a DBMS?
"Creating databases and entering data"
"Extracting (or querying) data"
"Viewing (or browsing) and sorting (or indexing) data"
"Creating a data dictionary"
Creating a data dictionary