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  1. preservation bias
  2. Megaliths
  3. culture area
  4. Applied archaeology
  5. Paleoeconomy
  1. a The different preservation of archaeological material
  2. b This study only focuses on areas related to past economy and associated goods
  3. c Large stones that have been modified and often transported by humans
  4. d A geographical region characterized by the presence of a homogeneous cultural group
  5. e Archaeology that is dedicated to solving practical modern problems. Examples include conducting contract archaeology for development projects or using data to reintroduce old technologies

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  1. A discipline dedicated to the study of humans culturally and biologically
  2. The study of changes in the coastline of the earth's crust because of receding glaciers
  3. visibly and texturally different layers within the soil
  4. In archaeology, the study of how a site forms over time. In paleontology, the study of how organic remains become fossilized
  5. The measured rate of C14 decomposition. Half of the measurable C14 is lost every 5568 years

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  1. TypologyThe use of ethnography to make a comparative study of multiple cultures or regions.


  2. featureAny non-portable artifact, such as a burial, wall, fire pit, or midden


  3. Number of identified specimensQuantification system where each found part is counted as one specimen


  4. stratigraphyA written study of a culture, often the result of extensive fieldwork


  5. archaeologyThe study of past human cultures through the materials and modified objects left behind


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