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In the male, LH causes

testosterone production

The soft mucosal lining of the uterus is the perimetrium.


The amount of testosterone and sperm produced by the testes is dependent on the influence of FSH and LH together.


When a couple is having difficulty conceiving a child, it is necessary to investigate the sperm of the male.


The cells that produce testosterone in the testis are called ________.

interstitial cells

The primary function of the uterus is to ________.

receive, retain, and nourish a fertilized ovum

The function of fructose in semen is to:

provide an energy source for ATP production by sperm

The constancy of the chromosome number from one generation to the next is maintained through ________.


The basic difference between spermatogenesis and oogenesis is that ________.

n oogenesis, one mature ovum is produced, and in spermatogenesis four mature sperm are produced from the parent cell

The primary function of the testes is to produce testosterone.


The structures that receive the ovulated oocyte, providing a site for fertilization, are called ________.

the fallopian tubes

It is not necessary for the testes to be kept below body temperature.


Which of the following is a correct statement about uterine tubes?

The infundibulum is the funnel-shaped region near the ovary that draws in the egg.

The process of crossing-over, or recombination, of genes occurs during:

meiosis I

The first meiotic division in oogenesis occurs

before birth

Which of the following hormones controls the release of anterior pituitary gonadotropins?


All of the following can be considered male secondary sex characteristics except the ________.

development of testes as opposed to ovaries

The female hormone most responsible for triggering ovulation is LH.


The seminal vesicles ________.

produce a yellowish fluid rich in fructose

Select the correct statement about the uterine cycle.

If fertilization occurs, the corpus luteum is maintained (saved) by a hormone secreted by the developing embryo.

Normally menstruation occurs when ________.

blood levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease

Which of the following occurs as a result of undescended testes?

Inadequate or nonviable sperm will be produced.

Synapsis occurs in prophase I of meiosis, but not in mitosis.


In humans, separation of the cells at the two-cell state following fertilization may lead to the production of twins, which in this case would be ________.


During the menstrual cycle, progesterone is produced by:

the corpus luteum

A human egg or sperm contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.


The mammary glands are exocrine glands.


Human egg and sperm are similar in that ________.

they have the same number of chromosomes

Which of the following phases or processes in the monthly reproductive cycle of the female occur simultaneously?

regression of the corpus luteum and a decrease in ovarian progesterone secretion

The duct system of the male reproductive system includes ________.

the ductus deferens, a duct that runs from the epididymis up into the pelvic cavity

Select the correct statement about male sexual response.

Erection is the result of vascular spaces in the erectile tissues filling with blood.

Occasionally three polar bodies are found clinging to the mature ovum. One came from an unequal division of the ovum, but from where did the other two arise?

The first polar body has also divided to produce two polar bodies.

The male urethra serves both the urinary system and reproductive system.


The prostate atrophies as a man ages, and it usually causes no health problems.


Fertilization normally occurs in the uterine tubule.


Which of the following glands are responsible for 60% of the synthesis of semen?

the seminal vesicles

Males go through menopause as females do and there is a steady reduction in their testosterone levels.


The acrosome of a sperm cell contains:

hyaluronidase for egg penetration.

Effects of estrogen include ________.

growth of the breasts at puberty

The ability of sperm cells to move along the ductus deferens is due to ________.

peristaltic contractions

Which of the following statements about the female reproductive process is not true?

Rebuilding the endometrium is under the control of prolactin.

A boy who has not passed through puberty sustains an injury to his anterior pituitary such that FSH is no longer released, but LH is normal. After he grows to maturity, one would expect that he would ________.

be sterile

Both synapses of homologous chromosomes and crossovers are seen during meiosis II.


The corpus luteum is ________.

the ruptured follicle following the ejection of an oocyte from the ovary

The corpus luteum secretes progesterone only.


Which of the following statements is true concerning the mammary glands of both males and females?

The mammary glands are modified sweat glands that are actually part of the integumentary system.

Sperm are produced in seminiferous tubules.


The Pap smear is a test to detect cancerous changes in cells of the cervix.


Meiosis results in haploid cells.


Development of male reproductive structures depends on which of the following events?

secretion of male hormones prenatally and lasting into the first few months after birth

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