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color schemes

the choices of color grouping that artists work with

arbitrary color

when artists ignore the real colors of objects and instead make color choices that support personal preference and express meaning


color scheme involving the use of one color plus tints and shades of that color


created by adding white to the color


created by adding black to the color


the darkness or lightness of a color


when the value is gradually changed from lightness to darkness with a smooth transition

complementary colors

colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. they are considered to have the greatest contrast between one another

color wheel

the spectrum of colors bent into a circle


the brightness or dullness of a hue

split complementary

color scheme when an artist uses a color and the colors on each side of its complement

color triads

using three colors that are spaced in equal distance apart

primary colors

red, blue, yellow

secondary colors

purple, green, orange

intermediate colors

created by mixing two primary colors plus its secondary color

analogous colors

using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel

warm colors

red, orange, yellow

cool colors

blue, green, violet, gray

color can also be used to create _____ in a composition.



element through which all other elements may exist


the artist's attempt to arrange subject matter within a given space

positive space

the area occupied by the shape(s) in a composition

negative space

the area around the shapes in a composition

a composition can be _______ in various ways



when the design appears exactly the same on both sides from the center


appears balanced but is not exacly the same on both sides of the center

radial balance

represented by any design which moves from the center out


element that can be described as the path of a moving point


an area apparently enclosed by a line


when a shape takes on 3D qualities

soft edges


hard edges




contour line

has varied line weight, is continuous, and accurately follows the surface and edge of a form

depth of space

attempt to create illusion of images which go back into space


using lines to create an accurate representation of 3D objects on a 2D plane

picture plane

the area defined to be drawn

horizon line

a line which represents the eye level of the viewer drawn across the page

vanishing point

an area which represents where the viewer can no longer see into deep space

one-point perspective

the plane of an object that is parallel to the line-of-sight contains vertical and horizontal lines while the lines that show depth convergence to the vanishing point

two-point perspective

the corner of the object is parallel to the line-of-sight and both sides converge to vanishing points in opposite directions


the angle from which you see an object


element that refers to how things feel and look as if they might feel if touched


the intentional arrangement of subject matter


an attempt to create a sense of movement in a composition through the repitition of elements


a unit that is repeated in visual rhythm


any gradual change in an element such as gradation in color or value


attempt to avoid sameness or monotony


quality of wholeness or oneness


limiting the negative space between shapes


principle concerned with size relationships of one part to another


makes one part of a work dominant over the other parts


the difference among the elements in a work of art


creates unity by stressing the similarities of sparate but related parts

real texture

the actual change in the surface quality

simulated texture

attempt to imitate an acual texture by reproducing a visual illusion of a real texture

invented texture

attempt to create new textures which are not trying to imitate, but trying to invent new textural images


painting or drawing in which natural land scenery is the main feature


represents an image of a city or part of a city


image of a person


material used to create a piece of artwork


combination of two or more processes to create an artwork


adding material while creating a sculpture


when the artist gathers and joins together a variety of different materials to make a sculpture


when a soft, pilable material is built up and shaped


materials are taken away from the mian object to create a sculpture

in-the-round sculpture

a person can view the sculpture from the front, side, and back views


can only be seen from the front because it is carved out from its base

art criticism

an organized approach for studying a work of art


a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and value of art


focuses on realistic representation and literal qualities


places emphasis on design qualities and how well the work is organized


requires that a work of art must arouse a response of feeling, moods, or emotions in the viewer


a Renaissance artist who was famous for his realistic sculpture


using photographs as reference to create the artwork

Pablo Picasso

influenced by the simple, geometric designs of African masks


in which objects are made into distorted shapes

Aaron Douglas

worked in the abstract manner


artwork with no recognizable subject matter

mass/graphic communication

art trying to convince the public on a social, political issue or try to get consumers to buy a product

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