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computer memoryROM - Road-only memory RAM - Random-access memory WORM - Write-once read many times memoryRaw data(aka scan data & SFOV) all the data thats collectedImage data(DFOV) processed data that is assigned a hounsfield unit so an image can be createdProspective Reconstructionrecon that is automatically produced after scanningRetrospective Reconstructionraw data that can be used later to regenerate new/different imagesRaypath that the x-ray bean takes from the tube to the detectorRay Sumthe detector senses each arriving ray and measures how much of the bean has been attenuatedViewcomplete set of ray sumsAttenuation profilethe system accounts for the attenuation properties of each ray sum and correlates it to the position of the rayHistogramcurved line that indicates what the scan parameters should resemble. Reconstruction algorithms will use the histograms to determine which hounsfiled units to use.Back projectioncompiles the info from al the attenuation profiles to create an image. (star streak pattern) Also no longer used.convolutionassigning filters to enhance the desired anatomy of interestkernelaka a conventional algorithm; computer adds a software filter to the scan datafilter functions - smoothsome smooth data by reducing the difference between adjacent pixels - good for soft tissues (ONLY APPLIED TO RAW DATA)filter functions - sharpenaccentuates the differences between adjacent pixels - good for bones (ONLY APPLIED TO RAW DATA)Standard convolutionGOOD FOR WHITE/GREY MATTER