On an extended ground delay the flight attendant is required to attend to the passengers, check lavatories, and ensure cabin temperature is acceptable every _________.
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On through flights between Canadian cites, alcohol may not be served or soldTrueAll international flight destinations have the same trash requirements.FalseWhich is not a flight attendant action during suspected human trafficking?Confront suspected victimIn which situation would you request a CRO to the aircraft?Disability related issueIn reporting for duty, how many minutes are required to be at the airport, through security, for a domestic first flight of trip?45 minutesIt is a Federal Aviation Regulation that each person to whom an IOM is furnished shall keep it up to date and accessible when performing assigned duties.TrueAnnouncements with FAA requirements include:Pretaxi Predeparture Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs)Flight attendants may have their phones out while passengers are onboard?FalseFollowing the first leg of the duty day, what is the minimum battery level required of the eFAD for each flight the rest of the duty day?25%Flight attendants are allowed to personalize the eFAD by changing the picture on the Home Screen?FalseFlight attendants are not required to have their IOQR with them while on duty?FalseWhat is the eFAD's minimum required battery percentage when reporting for a duty day?80%The IOQR contains the following:Prepared Land and Water Evacuation Checklists Critical First Aid Information Minimum Regulatory AnnouncementsWhen is the soonest the liquor can be unlocked when departing Mexico?Once aircraft has taken offWhich is the correct chain of command?PIC, First Officer, FWD FA, AFT FAAfter successfully completing IOE and receiving the FAA certificate in the mail, flight attendants must carry _______ required items at all times while on duty?8Can carry-on bags and galley trash be stowed in the lavatory?No, neverA SkyWest policy can overrule a Federal Aviation Regulation only if:It is more restrictive than the FARElectronic cigarettes can be used in flight?FalseThe Americans disabilities act (ADA) protects citizens with disabilities from discriminationTrueWhen a passenger is holding an infant, the seatbelt should be placed around the adult only and not the infant in arms?TrueWhen a passenger moves to the exit seat after takeoff what must a flight attendant do?Have the passenger review the exit seat criteria on the PSC Obtain verbal confirmation that the passenger is willing and able to assist in opening the exit door Ensure passenger meets all exit seat criteriaThe PIC will notify the flight attendant to move passengers for weight and balance when needed?TrueChildren of what age are considered infants for the purpose of weight and balanceUnder 2 years oldThere is an approved written announcement should be given by the flight attendant over the PA when passengers are required to be moved for weight and balance?TrueWhen a pilot has left the flight deck on a single FA aircraft the flight attendant must block the aisle with the galley service cart before entering the flight deck.FalseThe flight deck will cal the flight attendant over the inter phone to verify the cabin is secure prior to takeoffTrueThe flight attendant must remain onboard when passengers are onboard: this meansFA must have both feet inside the aircraft cabinA coat, umbrella, or book is not counted against a passengers personal item limit for carry-ons.TrueWithin what time frame must a flight attendant submit an irregular operations report (IOR)Within 24 hours of the incidentSmoking is allowed in the ramp area as long as there are no passengers present.FalseAfter completion of all phases of training, flight attendants report to;Their regional operations manager (ROM)The FAA flight attendant certificate is required to:Be carried at all times while on dutyPassenger safety cards must be available to each passenger and visible in each seat back pocketTrueServing alcohol to ______ is prohibitedIndividuals already intoxicated Individuals carrying a weapon Individuals escorting a prisonerPassengers may consume their own alcoholic beverages they brought on board as long as it is carried in a flask?FalseFlight attendants are required to conduct individual briefings for passengers with visual or hearing impairments?TrueWhich of the following passengers would be acceptable when sitting in an exit row?None of the aboveWhen may a flight attendant break sterile flight deckFor safety related situations and emergenciesFlight attendants are not allowed to use the eFAD for personal useTrueWhat is secondary command for the land evacuation of the CRJ 200LEAVE EVERYTHINGWhich phase of flight do you remain in brace position until you turn off active runway?After landing - taxiingWhen doing a manual PIN or using ePIN, it is okay to just let the PIC know total number of souls on board.FalseOn a CRJ 200, lap infants (select all that apply) Are under 24 months old Have seatbelt place around adult only May not sit in row 8All of the aboveWhich is not a phase for MCDPhase IIFloor level illumination can vary plane to plane, but has either floor level light strip or photoluminescent escape pathTrueThe MCD curtain: (select all that apply) Must be stowed for taxi, takeoff and landing Maybe used to block out weather during boarding when FA is present Maybe use during flight to act as thermal barrierAll of the aboveOn a CRJ 200, the lav is located in the FWD of the A/CFalseHow many minutes should I flight attendant take off from the NTSBO time preparing for landing5How many galleys are on CRJ 900 aircraft3On the CRJ 200, how many minutes does the flight attendant need to be physically on the aircraft prior to departure35 minutesWhen ACARS is not working and the PIC asks for a manual PIN, what should the flight attendant do?Use example PIN pad from IOM Attachment 1 and transcribe necessary info to paper to verify with CSA countPrior to flight deck door closure, a flight attendant gives thumbs up and verbally states ________________ to flight deck crewmembers."Ready for taxi"How many invert lifevest are on board to CRJ 200 aircraft5On the CRJ 200, which states may passenger using a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) not sit in? (Select all that apply) Bulkhead seat Last row Exit rowBulkhead seat Exit rowOn the CRJ 900, how many exits are on the entire aircraft7All NextGen aircraft have accent lighting.TrueAccording to the division of duties, on the CRJ 700, it is the_________ Responsibility to check the lavatory prior to service movementAFT flight attendantsThe passenger seat it in a bulkhead seat they may leave carry-on items on the floor in front of them during takeoff and landingFalseThe CRJ 700/900 have an APU Serv Bus button that must be preflightedFalseWhich flight attendant will demonstrate the seatbelt an oxygen mask during the pre-departure announcement on the CRJ 700 aircraftFWDThe aft flight attendant is required to say the pre-departure announcement from____The AFT flight attendant stationHow many infant lifevest are on board to CRJ 900 aircraft8On all CRJ 700 aircraft, to open the GSD rotate the operating handle_____Counter clockwiseThe onboard wheelchair is used for_____Assisting a passenger with a disability to move throughout the cabin during flightOn the CRJ 700, to open the other wing exit, pull the operating handle___DownOn the CRJ 700, the emergency lights last ____ minutes.20 minutesHow do you preflight the fixed Halen fire extinguisher in the CRJ 700/900 lavatoryThermometer sticker not blackWhich flight attendant conduct a preflight inspection of the exit row on the CRJ 700 aircraftAftThe following is required to preflight the fix Tellin fire extinguisher in the lavatory on the CRJ 200 aircraftGauge in green, prongs not charged/blackOn all CRJ aircraft, what is the signal for entering/exiting sterile flight deckTwo HI chimes are heard in the cabinWhat does the flight attendant here and see if the flight deck is calling with an emergency in the CRJ 200 aircraftOne HI/LO chime in the cabin, red light will flash on the FA indicator panel, light below EMG on the inter-phone will flash AmberWhat does a blue light on the FA indicator panel meanA passenger is requiring assistance from their seatOur passengers allowed to occupy the jumpseat while in flightNoThe CRJ 200 is manufactured inCanadaWhat items do you preflight for the galley waste cart/bin (select all that apply) All latch is secure Bin door retracts and seals The brake pedal must be set and functionalAll of the aboveWhich of the following are preflight steps for galley service cart (select all that apply) The brake pedal must be set and brake is functional All latches are secure Redlines alignThe brake pedal must be set and brake is functional All latches are secureTo open the CRJ MCD from inside the aircraft, pull the operating handle_____UpWhat is the preflight for the main cabin door on all CRJ aircraftPins not protrudingTo open the over wing exits on the CRJ 200, pull the operating handle_____UpOn the CRJ 200, when the flight that calls and it's not an emergency what will you see in here in the cabinSolid red light on the FA indicator panel, solid green light on the inter-phone, one HI/LO chime in the cabinWhat is the duration of the supplemental oxygen system in the CRJ 200 aircraft13 minutesWhen opening the GSD in emergency mode, the flight attendant must first assess the conditions outside the door.TrueThe flight attendant call button is located in the arm rest of the passenger seat in the CRJ 200 aircraftFalseThe supplemental oxygen system will automatically deploy once the cabin altitude is at 14,000 feet plus or -500 feetTrueAll CRJ lavatory doors can be unlocked from the outsideTrueThe CRJ 200 could have an original (phase III) or an advanced (phase IV) MCD.TrueTo POB's are installed on board to CRJ 200 aircraftTrueFlight attendants need to know how to use the flight deck supplemental oxygen systemTrueWhere is the LRBL located on the ERJ 175As close as possible to the middle of the window in the second to last row A/CLA rejected takeoff is a situation in which it is decided to abort the takeoff of an aircraftTrueAn unwarranted evacuation is defined asAn evacuation started by a passengerDuring turbulence, after the FAA are instructed by the PIC take your jump seats, you must contact the PIC and give the status of the cabin and passengers?TrueWhen oxygen mask panels failed to drop, instruct the passenger to manually open the panel byPrying it open Hitting panel to spring it openDuring a decompression, the green flow indicator will determine whether or not the oxygen is flowingTrueWhen it comes to an accident, you have a better chance of surviving if you: Maintain your reference point Wait for all sudden and violent motion to stop Remember that panic is the enemyAll of the aboveWhen performing an expedited deplaning, all exits are usedFalseThe following are parts of the NTSBO except for: Call 911 Other information Time SignalCall 911Able-bodied passengers are responsible for releasing an unconscious Flight attendant from his or her jumpseatTrueIt is OK to relocate emergency equipment if a passenger wants to stay there carry-on bag where the emergency equipment is locatedFalseActions a flight attendant takes are dependent on the____ of the turbulence, not the typeCategoryAnd IOR must be completed whenever a FAK is usedTrueThe UPK is located in theISKFlight attendants are required to administer medication's to passengersFalseUsage of the POB should discontinue in the bottle which is what psi200What is the only current aircraft in the sky was fully equipped with escape slidesERJ 175An AED can be used on a newbornFalseFlight attendants do not verify medical credentials a volunteer medical personnelTrueWhat is the number one cause of accidentshuman errorThe water fire extinguisher should be used to extinguish an electrical fireTrueUse the____ to clean up bloodBCKA treatment method for hypoglycaemia is to mix too sugar packets with a beverage containing sugarTrueOnce supplemental oxygen mask drop,______Passengers must pull the mask family to start the oxygen flowAssess the fire, notify PIC, calm and reassure passengers, monitor the fire and continue to advise the PIC. These are the immediate action duties for which of the following types of fire.Fire outside the cabin in flight Fire outside the cabin on the groundWhat does the L stand for in cluelightsThe flight attendant is in the middle of the cabin serving passengers and the oxygen mask drop, the flight attendants immediate actions are:Put on oxygen, sit down, fasten seatbelt/harness, shout commandsThe first method for control bleeding is____Direct PressureWhen you check to see if a victim is breathing, you "look, listen, feel" what are you looking for?Rise and fall of chestThere's a specific form that must be filled out after using the AEDTrueA water evacuation is also known as:DitchingWhat is the compression ratio for adult CPR?30:2How do you help a two-year-old passenger that is chokingGive abdominal thrustsIf after reassessing your victim he becomes responsive and his breathing, you shouldTurn him to side (recovery) positionHow should you perform chest compressions on a small child from one year old to pubertyUsed to or one hand (optional for small child) on lower sternumEvacuate, gather passengers together, calm and reassure passengers, and follow PICs direction. These are the secondary action duties for which of the following types of fire?Fire inside the cabin on the groundIn the event of an in-flight fire, the flight attendant should firstAssess the fireVictim suffering from hypoxia will suffer brain damage or death after____ minutes without oxygen4-6The first immediate action a FA should take in the event of pressure seal leak isNotify the PICWhich of the following are the immediate commands in the event of decompression?Oxygen mask on, seatbelt on, pull mask firmly to start oxygenWhat is the time of useful consciousness at 35,000 feet30 secondsOxygen mass will automatically deploy when cabin pressure reaches______ on all CRJ aircraft14,000+ or -500 feetWhat does TUC stand for?Time of useful consciousnessWhat does the S stand for an NTSBOSignalTo overcome negative panic and a passenger during an emergency FA much shout short forceful commands to the passengerTrueCrewmembers are not required to submit to interrogation by the FAA or NTSB investigators without adequate representationTrueAn able-bodied person is someone who willingly assist the flight attendants during an evacuationTrueOne step to preventing hypothermia is to assume the H.E.L.P. (heat escape lessening posture) and/or huddle positions.TrueAll emergency exits, in the A/C cabin, can be open from the interior and exteriorTrueOn the CRJ 700 the FWDand AFT flight attendants have different exits during an evacuationTrue