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characteristic of a living thing
blood and bone
examples of connective tissue include ___ and ___
the structure which allows a neuron to transmit messages to the next neuron
exocrine; ducts
mammary glands are _____ glands because they have _____
heart, blood, blood vessesl
Components of the cardiovascular system include the ____, ____, and ____ _____.
producing blood cells
Red marrow is responsible for _____ ____ ____.
What is an example of a nonspecific defense?
large; oxygen and carbon dioxide
The lungs require a _____ surface area to maximize the exchange of _____ and ____ ____.
small intestine; kidneys
The majority of digestion and absorption occur within the ____ whereas the _____ are responsible for removing waste from blood.
In women, the majority of estrogen is produced by what structure(s)?
Y chromosome of a male
Where is the SRY gene located?
decreases; decreases
Bone density ______ when estrogen ______.
Men only get the _ chromosome
which structure produces GnRH?
The pituitary gland is stimulated to produce either _____ or _____ depending on the rate of the pulses of GnRH.
Follicular cells produce estrogen which peaks in the blood stream about day ____
LH; ovulation
Within a few hours of the estrogen peak, teh pituitary releases a burst of the hormone ___ which causes the release of an "egg" through ____.
corpus luteum; progesterone
The empty follicle, now known as the ___ ____, begins to produce copious amounts of the hormone ______.
estrogen; progesterone
Both ____ and _____ act on the endometrium, causing it to develop, thicken, and stabilize.
If pregnancy is not established, the ____ breaks down and is sloughed away as menses.
A women's breast tissue is fully developed when?
Where in the female body does oogenesis take place?
1 haploid ovum, 3 polar bodies
What is the end result of oogenesis?
The process of oogenesis in a female begins ____.
Secondary oocyte
What is the name of the cellular structure that is ovulated?
prophase I of meoisis I
at what phase in meiosis are the primary follicles suspended (stalled)?
secondary oocyte; ovum
fertilization causes the ____ _____ to divide and form a ____.
Cleavage is the division of cells in the early _____.
Fallopian tubes
Fertilization occurs in the ____ _____.
Formation of the mesoderm occurs in the ____.
Uterine wall
implantation occurs on the ___ ____.
During pregnancy, the majority of estrogen and progesterone is produced in the _____.
Cervical os
What is the location of the "mucus plug" during a women's pregnancy?
Stress incontinence
Which of the following may result due to bladder changes during pregnancy?
braxton hicks
irregular, short, "practice" contractions which typically cease when a woman walks