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medicine dropper

used to transfer a small volume of liquid (less than one mL)

rubber bulb

On top of each medicine dropper is a ____


used to dispense solid chemicals from their containers

weighing boats

used to weigh solids that will be transferred to another vessel


used to aid in the transfer of liquid from one vessel to another

bunsen burner

used for the heating of nonvolatile liquids and solids


used for heating certain solids, particularly metals, to very high temperatures

clay triangle

used as a support for porcelain crucibles when being heated over a Bunsen burner

crucible tongs

For handling hot crucibles; also used to pick up other hot objects. NOT to be used for picking up beakers


a safe and convenient way to perform reactions that require heating using a Bunsen burner

iron rings

connect to a ringstand and provide a stable, elevated platform for the reaction

utility clamps

are used to secure test tubes, distillation columns, and burets to the ringstand

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