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A study Guide :) Part 1 :) Part 2 is Vocabulary

What were three great civilizations in America?

Maya, Aztec, Inca

What two factors influenced European civilization?

Religion and Politics

Why was hunting and gathering replaced?


What was the greatest empire in the world in 1400's?


What technological advancement led to the Age of exploration?


What influenced the culture of Native Americans?


What is called what they gave to guest?


who was Moctezuma?

leader of the aztecs

Where were the Iroquois located?


Who was the leader of the Incas?


What are the Cheyenne's houses called?


Were were the Maya's Located in?

Meso America

Who was Vasco da Gama?

The first to sail from Europe to India by sea.

What did the Maya's create that was so precise and important?

The calendar

What was the name of the city of the Aztecs that is now called Mexico City?


Was was the Capital of the Inca's?


where were the Pueblos from?

The southwest

Where were the Cheyenne's from?

The Great Plains

In the Iroquois, who held the power?


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