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  1. established church
  2. indentured servant
  3. George Whitefield
  4. headright system
  5. Jonathan Edwards
  1. a The Virginia Company's system in which settlers and the family members who came with them each received 50 acres of land
  2. b A migrant to British colonies in the Americas who paid for passage by agreeing to work for a set term ranging from four to seven years.
  3. c Credited with starting the Great Awakening, also a leader of the "New Lights."
  4. d the church that is recognized as the official church of a nation
  5. e American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)

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  1. population growth measured as the excess of live births over deaths; does not reflect either emigrant or immigrant movements
  2. crops grown for commercial sale, usually produced in a colonial area and sold in europe. Most important crop grown in that area.
  3. the mixing of cultures, ideas, and peoples that has changed the American nation. The United States, with its history of immigration, has often been called a melting pot.
  4. number of males per 100 females in a populations.
  5. A philosophical movement which started in Europe in the 1700's and spread to the colonies. It emphasized reason and the scientific method. Writers of the enlightenment tended to focus on government, ethics, and science. Many members of the Enlightenment rejected traditional religious beliefs in favor of Deism, which holds that the world is run by natural laws without the direct intervention of God.

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  1. Isaac NewtonEnglish mathematician and physicist


  2. Half-Way CovenantA Puritan church document; In 1662, the Halfway Covenant allowed partial membership rights to persons not yet converted into the Puritan church; It lessened the difference between the "elect" members of the church from the regular members; Women soon made up a larger portion of Puritan congregations.


  3. triangular tradethe difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise


  4. "invisible" chargesthe church that is recognized as the official church of a nation


  5. John Peter ZengerJournalist who questioned the policies of the governor of New York in the 1700's. He was jailed; he sued, and this court case was the basis for our freedom of speech and press. He was found not guilty.


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