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Word Processing Terminology


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Word Wrap
the movement of the text to the next line when typing goes beyond the right margin.
Word Art
a tool within Microsoft Office that allows you to manipulate text in a variety of different, graphical ways.
Word Processing
the process of creating, editing and printing a computer written text document
a feature that corrects commonly misspelled words automatically as they are typed.
a small graphic, commonly a large dot, that starts each item in a list.
Fill Effects
the pattern, color, or texture in a graphic object or text
a set of characters that all use the same basic design.
Font Effects
a way to change the appearance of text such as bold, italics, underline etc.
Font size
the size of a font, usually expressed as a number of points.
text or graphics that are printed on every page or selection, usually at the bottom but can be anywhere on a page.
text or graphics that are printed on every page or section, usually at the top but can be anywhere on a page
a term used to describe page orientation, where the page is wider than it is tall.
Normal View
the default editing view which is usually used to write and edit documents.
Office Assistant
a help that answers questions for the Microsoft Office suite of programs.
a storage area that allows the user to temporarily store snippets of information, and retrieve them later.
Outline View
a view that shows the structure of a document which consists of headings and body text.
Page Orientation
the way in which pages are laid out tin a printed document.
a measure of the size of text for a font.
a page orientation where the page is taller than it is wide.
Print Layout View
a view that shows how a document will appear when it is printed.
spelling and grammar checker
a feature that attempts to check and correct errors in spelling and grammar that the writer may have missed.
a collection of formatting choices that can be applied throughout a document.
a unified look in a document that incorporates heading and text styles.
refers to the position of lines in a paragraph in relation to the documents left and right margins.
clip art
pre-designed images that can be placed within a document.
boxes that are placed around text, pages, and tables. They add emphasis or decoration to the enclosed data.
Crop describes the editing of a graphic by trimming off unwanted portions of the image.
means standard setting that are used in Word unless you are asked to use other setting.
Hard Return
forcing Word to end a paragraph and move to the next line by pressing ENTER.
the areas that border the printed portion of a page along its top, sides, and bottom.
used in conjunction with other keys and mouse actions to capitalize letters and perform various commands and functions.
Scroll Bar
a panel for moving the display horizontally or vertically within a window.
Save as
when you want to save a current document under a new name or store it in a different folder or disk while also keeping the original version.
Title Bar
show you the name of the current document and contains the standard Windows control button.
places a line beneath selected text.
Office Button
click to open a menu
contains commands, organized tabs
insertion point
shows where text will be typed
switching between two options.
command reverses an undo action.