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  1. sciatica
  2. photosensitivity
  3. bursa
  4. pronation
  5. muscular dystrophy
  1. a inflammation of the sciatic nerve, marked by pain and tenderness along the path of thenerve through the thigh and leg
  2. b small sac containing synovial fluid for lubricating the area around joint where the most friction occurs
  3. c a group of genetically transmitted disorders characterized by progressive symmetrical wasting of skeletal muscles. onset of M.D. is early in life. no evidence of nerve involvement or degeneration of nervous tissue
  4. d increased reaction of the skin to sunlight
  5. e act of turning palm down or backward

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  1. an acute recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tic
  2. thin sheets of fibrous connective tissue that penetrates and covers the entire muscle holding the fibers together
  3. chronic, systemic, inflammatory disease that effects multiple joints of the body,mainly the small peripheral joints such as those in the hands and feet
  4. non moving joints
  5. surgical removal of ganglion

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  1. gluteus mediussmaller muscle located above the upper outer quadrant of the gluteus maximus muscle. Helps abduct thigh. Originates from the posterior part of the ilium and inserts in the greater trochanter of the femur


  2. extensionstraightening motion that increases the angle between two bones


  3. plantar flectionfoot bending downward at the ankle like a ballet dancer


  4. subluxationact of turning the palms upward or forward


  5. gouta form of acute arthritis that is characterized by inflammation of the first metatarsal joint of the great toe


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