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  1. flexion
  2. pelvic girdle weakness
  3. gastrocnemius
  4. adduction
  5. pectoralis major
  1. a large fan shaped muscle that crosses the upper part of the front of the test. forms the anterior border of axilla(armpit)
  2. b main calf muscle. attaches to the calcaneus(heel bone) by way of the achilles tendon. used for standing or tiptoe and flexing toes
  3. c weakness of the musclkes of the pelvic girdle.(muscles that extend the hip and knee)
  4. d motion that decreases the angle between 2 bones
  5. e movement of the bone toward the body

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  1. extraction of a specimen of muscle tissue through a biopsy needle or incisional for exam under microscope
  2. thin layer of cartilage protecting and covering the connective surfaces of the bone
  3. inflammation of the sciatic nerve, marked by pain and tenderness along the path of thenerve through the thigh and leg
  4. strong fibrous band of tissue that extends from a muscle attaching it to the bone by becoming continuous with the periosteum of the bone
  5. act of turning the palms upward or forward

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  1. ball and socket jointa joint that allows movements in mabny directions around a central point


  2. malaise"muscle pull" injury to the body of the muscle or attachment of the tendon. over stretching/overextension


  3. arthralgiapain in the joints; symptom present in many joint diseases


  4. electromyographywasting away literally "without development"


  5. ganglionectomysurgical removal of ganglion