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  1. dorsiflexion
  2. photosensitivity
  3. ball and socket joint
  4. arthralgia
  5. origin
  1. a increased reaction of the skin to sunlight
  2. b the point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that is less moveable.
  3. c bending the foot backward or upward at the ankle
  4. d a joint that allows movements in mabny directions around a central point
  5. e pain in the joints; symptom present in many joint diseases

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  1. abnormal enlargement of joint at the base of the great toe
  2. muscles that have striped apperances when viewed under a microscope.
    ex-skeletal/cardiac muscles
  3. positioned on the front of the leg. Responsible for turning the foot inward(inversion) and for dorsiflexing the foot (pulling foot back up toward leg)
  4. a cystic tumor or development on a tendon; sometimes occuring on the back of the wrist
  5. inflammation of the sciatic nerve, marked by pain and tenderness along the path of thenerve through the thigh and leg

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  1. articular cartilagethin layer of cartilage protecting and covering the connective surfaces of the bone


  2. suturenon moving joints


  3. crepitationclicking or cracking heard upon joint movement


  4. pelvic girdle weaknessweakness of the musclkes of the pelvic girdle.(muscles that extend the hip and knee)


  5. abductionmovement of the bone away from the body