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  1. pronation
  2. pectoralis major
  3. atrophy
  4. supination
  5. muscle biopsy
  1. a extraction of a specimen of muscle tissue through a biopsy needle or incisional for exam under microscope
  2. b act of turning palm down or backward
  3. c wasting away literally "without development"
  4. d act of turning the palms upward or forward
  5. e large fan shaped muscle that crosses the upper part of the front of the test. forms the anterior border of axilla(armpit)

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  1. an acute recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tic
  2. located at the angle of the jaw also raises the mandible and closes the jaw. (biting and chewing)
  3. movement of extremity in circular motion.
    (shoulder and hip)
  4. covers the shoulder joint. it originates from the clavicle and scapula and inserts on the lateral side of the humerus.(used for intramuscular inj)
  5. pain in the joints; symptom present in many joint diseases

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  1. rotationturning of bone on it's own axis


  2. sciatica"muscle pull" injury to the body of the muscle or attachment of the tendon. over stretching/overextension


  3. subluxationan incomplete dislocation


  4. muscular dystrophya group of genetically transmitted disorders characterized by progressive symmetrical wasting of skeletal muscles. onset of M.D. is early in life. no evidence of nerve involvement or degeneration of nervous tissue


  5. gastrocnemiuswasting away literally "without development"


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