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  1. latissimus dorsi
  2. trapezius
  3. contracture
  4. fascia
  5. joint cavity
  1. a originates from the vertabrae of the lower back, crosses the lower half of the thoracic region and passes between the humerus and scapula to insert on the anterior surface of the3 humerus. Forms the posterior border of axilla(armpit)
  2. b an abnormal(usually permanent) bending of a joint into a fixed position. usually caused by atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers
  3. c triangle shaped muscle that extends across the back of the shoulder, covers the back of the neck and inserts on the clavicle and scapula
  4. d thin sheets of fibrous connective tissue that penetrates and covers the entire muscle holding the fibers together
  5. e space between 2 connecting bones

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  1. main calf muscle. attaches to the calcaneus(heel bone) by way of the achilles tendon. used for standing or tiptoe and flexing toes
  2. abnormal outward curvature of a portion of the spine. (humpback)
  3. located above and near the ear
  4. thin layer of cartilage protecting and covering the connective surfaces of the bone
  5. weakness of the musclkes of the pelvic girdle.(muscles that extend the hip and knee)

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  1. flexionabnormal enlargement of joint at the base of the great toe


  2. electromyographyrecords strength of the muscle contraction when stimulated with electric current


  3. suturenon moving joints


  4. extensionstraightening motion that increases the angle between two bones


  5. arthroplastypain in the joints; symptom present in many joint diseases