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  1. masseter
  2. buccinator
  3. arthrocentesis
  4. bursa
  5. origin
  1. a the point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that is less moveable.
  2. b muscles located in the fleshy part of the cheek
  3. c located at the angle of the jaw also raises the mandible and closes the jaw. (biting and chewing)
  4. d small sac containing synovial fluid for lubricating the area around joint where the most friction occurs
  5. e surgical puncture of a joint with a needle for the purpose of withdrawing fluid for analysis

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  1. surgical removal of a bunion. removal of bony overgrowth and the bursa
  2. act of turning the palms upward or forward
  3. forms the fleshy part of the buttock. Large muscle that offers support when standing. originates from ilium and inserts into femur. responsible for thigh extension
  4. an acute recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tic
  5. wasting away literally "without development"

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  1. striated musclemuscles that have striped apperances when viewed under a microscope.
    ex-skeletal/cardiac muscles


  2. photosensitivityspace between 2 connecting bones


  3. electromyographyrecords strength of the muscle contraction when stimulated with electric current


  4. arthralgiareconstruction/repair of a joint (surgical)


  5. arthroplastyreconstruction/repair of a joint (surgical)