20 terms

Latin sentence translations

Translate sentences in and out of Latin. Be sure to put ending marks at the end of your answers.
Italia paeninsula est
Italy is a penisula
Puellae aquam portant
The girls carry water
Puellae silvam bonam amant
The girls love the good forest
The good roads are long
Viae bonae sunt longae
We carry the supply of good water.
Copiam aqua bona portamus.
I shall get good water.
Aquam bonam parabo.
Victoriis nostris vitas et pecuniam servabimus.
We shall save lives and money with our victories.
Amicis copiam cibi donas.
You are giving a supply of food to friends.
Anna frightens the boys.
Anna pueros terret.
Teach the languages, Anna.
Doce linguas, Anna.
I shall not teach many languages.
Multas linguas non docebo.
Magna est gratia puellarum.
Large is the gratitude of the girls.
You will see timber in forests.
In silvis materiam videbis.
Multos socios habuistis.
You had many allies.
Voca, Marce, servos e casa.
Marcus, call the servants from the house.
Magna sum.
I am great.
My friend will earn much reward.
Amicus meus multa praemia merebit.
We were in great harmony.
In magnam concordiam fuimus.
Quid spectas?
What are you watching?
Estne Europa in Italia?
Is Europe in Italy?