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usually decreases rate and extent of absorption
Milk with tetracycline reduces absorption
Fiber with digoxin reduces absorption

Can also increase absorption too and increase peak effects
high calorie meal and squinavit (drug for HIV)

can increase drug toxicity: if on MAO inhibitors must avoid tyramine-rich food, need strict diet

Grapefruit juice inhibits Cytochrome p450 34A (responsible for metabolizing meds, if inhibited there is too much drug in the system and can be toxic)
if start drinking it or stop usual drinking then must tell doctor
Interacts with benzodiazepines (excessive sedation) and high cholesterol meds (risk of rhabdomyolysis (breakdown of tissue in body)

can decrease metabolism of drugs and increase drug blood levels (huge effects)

Many drugs cause stomach upset with food
Need to monitor when you give drugs and meal timing
w/food: shortly after meal
empty stomach: 1 hour before meal or two hours after

Decreased Absorption
Food can decrease rate of absorption. Delays onset of effects but doesn't decrease peak effects.

Food can decrease the extent of absorption which reduces intensity of peak effects.
Ex: Ca-containing foods and tetracycline antibiotics reduces absorption + antibacterial effects.
Ex: High-fiber foods reduce absorption of digoxin which can cause therapeutic failure.

Increases Absorption
Food can increase the extent of absorption which heightens peak effects.
Ex: high-calorie meals more than double the absorption of saquinavir, an HIV drug.
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