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Test 1 : Greek and Roman Contributions to Civilization

Mrs. Palmer's Advanced Modern World History (9th Grade Honors) Test 1: Greek Contributions to Civilization
"philo" - love
"sophy" - knowledge
Lover(s) of knowledge
-Father of Philospohy
-First teacher, very untraditional
-Hung out at the "agora" (market place)
-Question and answer technique (socratic method)
- Arrested and Killed for "corrupting of Athen's youth"
Three Teachings of Socrates
1.) Know thyself
2.) Question Everything
3.) Search for truth
Socrate's best student who recorded Socrates teachings in philosophy after his death. Opened the first school of Philosophy called the Academy. Also used dialouge to find the truth.
"The Republic"
Plato's the book on the government and perfect utopian society.
Opens the school "Lycumm" which taught philosophy, math, and science. Tutored Alexander the Great, and said "All things in Moderation" Two many books and teachings to count. Was Plato's student.
A play where the hero wasn't suffering
A type of play where the hero suffers
Sophocles' Oedipus Rex
Oedipus the King (rex). Theme : Man trying to overcome his fate (destiny)
The type of poem like Homer's "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey"
Developed the therom A² + B² = C²
Relationship between the lengths and sides of right triangles
"Father of Medicene"
Opened the first school of medicene and instituted the Hippocratic oath of becoming a doctor (still used today)
Hippocratic Oath
- I must do my best for you and cannot do any hurt or wrong intentionally
- I will give no deadly drug, even if it is asked of me
- In the house I enter I can not do any misdoings or have any corruption
- Everything I hear is a sacred secret
"Father of the Atom"
All living things are composed of atom
Earth and the planets revolve around the sun
"Father of Geometry"
Said that the Earth was round and accurately estimated the Earth's circumference (how far around something is)
The greeks contributed this to the world of architecture
A simple column
The moderatly ornate column "scrolling"
VERY ornate column "curly q's"
"High City" temple of Athena, up in in the city of athens
"best example of Greek Architecture"
This had emphasis on the human anatomy, beauty of the human body, detailed to the extreme, and you can see movement
"Winged Victory"
The statue of Nike without the head in 190 B.C. You can see the belly button, feather lines, and rippling of the dress.
French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian
The five romance languages based on Latin are:
This word is a medical term used for tumor
This word is a medical term which means swelling or inflammation
The medical term means to take out or remove from body
binomial nomenclature
Helps us organize the type of animals and classes of nature. Homo sapiens
Ante Meridian
Means the A.M. hours of morning
Post Meridian
Means the P.M. of the hours of afternoon
The roman numeral for 1997 is:
The roman numeral for 1665 is:
The roman numeral MDCCLXXXIV means what year?
ancient history
the time zone spanning from 4,000 to 500 AD. Starts at the first written record of history in 4,000 and ends at the fall of rome in 500 AD.
Anno Domini
The the letters A.D. are the words ___ ___ in Latin
"In the year of my lord"
Anno Domini means what in Latin?
Medieval History
The "Middle" Period of history starts at the fall of Rome in 500 AD and ends at the "Renaissance" in 1400 AD.
Modern History
Begins with the Renaissance in 1400 AD to this modern day. Everyone started to write again and the rebirth of ancient history
200 AD
Rome conqures Greece in this year

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