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Frontalis (I)

fascia and skin superior to eyes

Frontalis (o)

epicranial aponeurosis

Frontalis (a)

elevation of eyebrows

occipitalis (o)

occipital bone

occipitalis (i)

epicranial aponeurosis

occipitalis (a)

draws scalp posteriorly

orbicularis oris (o)

opening of mouth

orbicularis oris (i)

corners of mouth

orbicularis oris (a)

closes mouth
protraction of lips

orbicularis oculi (o)

medial side of eye

orbicularis oculi (i)

medial side of eye

orbicularis oculi (a)

closes and squits eye

zygomaticus major (o)

zygomatic bone

zygomaticus major (i)

angle of the mouth

zygomaticus major (a)

elevation of the angle of the mouth

temporalis (o)

temporal fossa

temporalis (i)

coronoid process of mandible

tmporalis (a)

elevation retraction inpsilateral deviation of madible

masseter (o)

zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch

masseter (i)

angle and coroniod process of mandible

masseter (a)

elevation protraction ipsilateral deviation of mandible

trapezius upper (o)

external occipital portuberance

trapezius upper (i)

lateral third or clavicle, acromion process

trapezius upper (a)

elevation of scapula
lateral flexion of neck
extension of head and neck

trapezius middle (o)

sp's of t1-5

trapezius middle (i)

acromion process
spine of scapula

trapezius middle (a)

retraction of scapula

trapezius lower (o)

sp's of t6-12

trapezius lower (i)

root of spine of scapula

trapezius lower (a)

depression and retraction of scapula

levator scapulae (o)

tp's of c1-4

levator scapulae (i)

vertebral border of scapula

levator scapulae (a)

elevation of scapula
lateral flexion of neck
extension of neck

rhomboids (o)

sp's of t2-5

rhomboids (i)

vertevral border of scapula

rhomboids (a)

retraction and elevation of scapula

serratus anterior (o)

ribs 1-9

serratus anterior (i)

vertebral border of scapula

serratus anterior (a)

protraction of scpula

pectoralis minor (o)

ribs 3-5

pectoralis minor (i)

coacoid process of scapula

pectoralis minor (a)

protraction and depression of scapula

deltoid (o)

anterior: lateral third of clavicle
middle: acromion process
posterior: spine of scapula

deltoid (i)

deltoid tuberosity

deltoid (a)

flexion adduction horizontal adduction rotation

coracobrachialis (o)

coracoid process of scapula

coracobrachialis (i)

medial middle of humerus shaft

coracobrachialis (a)

flexion adduction horizontal adduction of glenohumeral joint

latissimus dorsi (o)

thoracolumbar aponeurosis sp's of t7-12 sacrum iliac crest ribs 9-12

latissimus dorsi (i)

bicipital groove of humerus

latissimus dorsi (a)

extension internal rotation adduction horizontal abduction of glenohumeral joint

teres major (o)

lateral border of scapula

teres major (i)

bicipital groove of humerus

teres major (a)

extension internal rotation adduction horizontal abduction of glenohumeral joint

supraspinatus (o)

supra spinous fossa

supraspinatus (i)

greater tubercle of humerus

supraspinatus (a)

abduction of glenohumeral joint

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