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the central processing unit. the processing chip that is the "BRAIN" of the computer.


a common way of networking computers in a LAN. A protocol for fast communication and file transfer across a network.


(also "optimize") to concatenate fragments of data into contiguous blocks in memory or on a hard drive.

Hard Drive

a large capacity storage device made of multiple disks housed in a rigid case.


to transfer data from one computer to another.


Disk Operating System.


an electronic pathway through which data is transmitted between components in a computer.


Random Access Memory


to send a file from one computer to another through a network.


Local Area Network

Application Software

the software that's running on your computer such as the pharmacy software program.

File Server

a computer that controls which other computers are allowed access to its storage media.


a computer that is able to access the resources of other computers on the network.


a combination of hardware and software that acts as a "gatekeeper" to restrict other computers from gaining access to data.


a system "malfunction" in which the computer stops working and has to be restarted.

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