corn; widely cultivated
A person having access to and influence in the world of spirits.
Prince Henry the Navigator
Prince of Portugal; Responsible for worldwide European exploration and maritime trade, 4 March 1394 to 13 November 1460.
Treaty of Tordesillas
Divided newly discovered land outside Europe between Spain and Portugal along a meridian 370 leagues West of Cape Verde Islands.7 June 1494.
Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese Navigator in service of Spain; Commanded expedition that was first to circumnavigate the world.1481 to 1521.
Hernan Cortes
Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico.1485 to 1547.
Columbian Exchange
Widespread exchange of animals, plants, culture and human populations (including slaves)communicable diseases and ideas between western and eastern hemispheres.
A grant by the Spanish crown to a colonist in America conferring the right todemand tribute and forced labor from indian inhabitants of an area.
Martin Luther
German theologian who led the reformation; believed salvation is granted on the basis of faith rather than deeds. 1483 to1546.
Protestant Reformation
A religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted inthe creation of Protestant Churches.
John Calvin
Swiss theologian born in France whose tenents (predestination and irresistability of grace and justification by faith) defined presbyterianism. 1509 to 1564.
Sea Dogs
An old or experienced sailor.