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What did Hump mean

to travel on foot when carrying supplies.

What did Jimmy Cross do with the photos?

Burned it.

For what had Jimmy Cross never forgiven himself?

Ted Lavenders death

for what favor did Jimmy Cross ask the narrator?

Don't write this.

Back in college how did the narrator feel about the war?

He hated it.

What happened one morning on the pig line?

He drove to the border of Wisconsin.

Who was the hero of the narrators life?

Elroy Berdahl, he listened and gave him great advice.

Why did the narrator call himself a coward?

He couldn't get off the boat.

Why did Lee Strunk & Dave Jensen get into a fistfight?

Fought for a missing jack knife.

What did Dave Jensen do with a borrowed pistol?

Broke his nose.

After Lee Strunk stepped on a mortar round, what did make Dave Jensen promise?

Not to kill him.

To whose sister did Rat Kiley write?

Curt Lemon

What advice did older women give the narrator?

Dont think about the war and move on.

For what did Rat Kiley have a reputation?


Who brought over his girlfriend from the US.

Mark Fossie

Who was the Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong?

Mary Ann

When Mary Anne was missing where was she actually?

She went with the green beret.

Ultimately, what happened to Mary Anne?

She vanished

What did Henry Dobbins wrap around his neck?

His girlfriends panty hose.

What advice did Kiowa give?

Don't mess with churches.

What did Kiowa ask the narrator about the man he killed?

Do you want to be dead

What did Dobbins do when Azar mocked the girls dancing?

Threaten him to drop him down the well

Where did Norman Bowker drive?

around the lake.

What kind of field were the soldiers camped in?


What happened to Kiowa:

drowned in the mud

Why was "speaking of Courage" written?

Norman asked him too.

After the war, what eventually happened to Norman Bowker?

Hung himself

According to Azar, what was ironic about Kiowa Death

He wasted his life in a wastefield

What was hard for the narrator to admit to himself?

He was evil.

How was Rat Kiley wounded.

Shot himself in the foot.

Who was Linda and how did she die?

Love, died of brain cancer.

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