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  1. Which of the following design components of an air injector would result in entraining the greatest amount of air?
  2. Who introduced the first laryngoscope, in 1913?
  3. Which of the following is FALSE about evaporation?
  4. Which of the following is/are good clinical examples of the principle of capillary action?
  5. increased compliance
  1. a The process of evaporation warms the surrounding air.
  2. b I. small orifice jet
    II. large entrainment ports
    III. low-velocity gas flow

    1. I and III
    2. I and II ***
    3. III
    4. I, II, and III
  3. c I. capillary stick blood samples
    II. absorbent humidifier wicks
    III. certain surgical dressings

    1. II and III
    2. I and II
    3. II
    4. I, II, and III ***
  4. d ...
  5. e Chevalier Jackson

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. support oxygen therapy
  2. I. solubility coefficient of the gas
    II. temperature of the liquid
    III. gas pressure above the liquid

    1. I, II, and III ***
    2. II and III
    3. I and II
    4. I and III
  3. I. bronchoconstriction
    II. reflex closure of the glottis
    III. reflex slowing of the heart (bradycardia)

    1. I and III
    2. II and III
    3. II only
    4. I, II, and III ***
  4. hysteresis
  5. I. increased fluid viscosity
    II. decreased tube length
    III. decreased rate of flow
    IV. decreased tube radius

    1. I and IV ***
    2. I and II
    3. I, III, and IV
    4. II, III, and IV

5 True/False questions

  1. At what point does the trachea branch into two mainstem bronchi?carina


  2. Which of the following muscles are considered primary muscles of ventilation?I. diaphragm
    II. intercostals
    III. scalenes
    IV sternomastoid

    1. I and II
    2. I, II, III, and IV ***
    3. I, III, and IV
    4. III only


  3. Divisions of public law (the relationships of private parties and the government) include:vallecula


  4. What are the three bony projections that arise from the lateral walls of the nasal cavity that enhance filtration and humidification?turbinates


  5. Which of the following would have a negative impact on cardiac contractility?a unit with high resistance and high compliance