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  1. After placing a liquid into a small-diameter glass tube, you observe the formation of a convex (upwardly curved) meniscus. What conclusion is correct?
  2. Treatment based on careful review of available literature is known as:
  3. What in essence is Frank-Starling's law of the heart?
  4. When a respiratory therapist defers a patient's questions about a condition to the attending physician, what ethical principle is being practiced?
  5. Where are the central centers responsible for regulating the cardiovascular system located?
  1. a Strong cohesive forces exist among the liquid molecules.
  2. b the greater the stretch, the stronger the contraction
  3. c brainstem
  4. d role fidelity
  5. e evidence-based medicine

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  1. 2 cm
  2. transpulmonary pressure gradient (Palv - Ppl)
  3. tidal volume (VT)
  4. 1. higher
    2. lower ***
    3. the same
  5. a unit with normal resistance and normal compliance

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  1. Which of the following statements about the equal pressure point (EPP) is true?The EPP normally occurs at volumes greatly below the FRC.


  2. What is the pattern of flow in which a fluid moves in discrete cylindrical streamlines?I. It increases the elastic recoil of the lung (promoting collapse).
    II. It makes the lung harder to inflate than if it were filled with fluid.
    III. It decreases the lung's elasticity as volume increases.

    1. I and III
    2. I and II ***
    3. I, II, and III
    4. II


  3. Which of the following muscles are considered primary muscles of ventilation?I. diaphragm
    II. intercostals
    III. scalenes
    IV sternomastoid

    1. I and II
    2. I, II, III, and IV ***
    3. I, III, and IV
    4. III only


  4. Which of the following formulas is used to calculate the total amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute, or cardiac output?The EPP normally occurs at volumes greatly below the FRC.


  5. The fetus is potentially viable if born prematurely after how many weeks of gestation?24 to 26 weeks


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