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Most Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High Army JROTC knowledge, including: 6th Brigade packet (general knowledge) with chain of command, ranks, drill and ceromony, ect.; and info. on the stars and stripes.

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Who was the commander of the Revolutionary Army?
George Washington
Where should the "Host's" flag be displayed when in a group?
At the center of the group of flags.
For what reasons can flags be flown at half staff?
death of a president, former president, principle official, or foreign dignitary
If outside and the flag is passing you and you're not in uniform, what should you do?
Face the flag and stand at attention until the flag has passed.
What does the color blue, on the United States flag, represent?
Loyalty, Reverence to God, Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice
What is First Aid?
The assistance someone provides to an injured person, until trained medical personnel arrive.
What military operation was initiated on 21 March 2003?
Operation Iraqi Freedom
What should be done when displaying the flag at half staff?
The flag should be rose briskly and lowered ceremoniously.
How should flags be displayed in groups (height/poles)?
They should be flown from different poles but at the same height.
What are the dimensions of the Storm flag, and what is it used for?
5 by 9.5ft.; stormy or windy weather
What do the stars, on the United States flag, represent?
the 50 states
What is the key to success in JROTC?
How many inches are in a normal step in marching?
30 inches
In Winning colors, what animal(s) represents Blue?
When inside, in uniform, and the pledge of allegiance is played, what should you do?
Face the flag and stand at attention.
When outside and the national anthem is played and not in uniform, what should you do?
Face the flag, or the direction of the music if the flag is not present, and put your hand over your heart. If you're wearing a hat, remove it.
What happened on 7 December 1941 in Hawaii?
The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
What are Winning Colors used for?
To determine strengths and potential weaknesses and how to conduct meetings and to capitalize on strengths and weaknesses of individuals in group planning.
What are the five major terrain features?
hilltop, ridgeline, saddle, valley, depression
What are the five basic colors found on a military map and what do they each represent?
brown-contour, elevation, & relief
black-manmade objects
red-other manmade objects & densely populated areas
On what specific holiday is the flag flown at half staff?
Memorial Day
What is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation used for?
to restore breathing
What is the Mission of JROTC?
To motivate young people to be/become better citizens.
Is it proper to bury a flag with the deceased person or official?
No, the flag is to never touch the ground!
What are the three types of flags?
Garrison, Post, & Storm
What do the stripes, on the United States flag, represent?
the 13 original colonies
What are the two primary political parties?
the Republican Party and the Democratic Party
Who were the primary antagonists during World War II (who did the United States and its allies fight)?
Germany, Italy, and Japan
What are the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution known as?
the Bill of Rights
What are the dimensions of the Post flag, and what is it used for?
10 by 19ft.; used on everyday occasions
What are the four Winning Colors and what do they each represent?
What are the steps to the 4-Phase Lesson Plan?
inquire, gather, process, apply
When was the first Stars and Stripes created and why?
14 June 1777 to establish our independence
When placing a flag over a casket of a deceased serviceman or official, where should the union be placed?
over the upper right shoulder of the casket
What tools are being used in the classroom to assist in the presentation of the curriculum?
classroom performance system (CPS), walk & talk chalkboard, smart board, laptop computers, DVD players, and DVD's
What instrument would you use to determine a magnetic azimuth in a field environment?
What age is a United States Citizen first allowed to vote?
18 years old
If you are outside and passing the flag and not in uniform, what should you do?
Place your hand over your heart when the flag is within six steps in both directions.
What president ordered the last two changes to the United States flag?
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
In Winning Colors, what animal(s) represents red?
What does the color red, on the U.S. flag, represent?
Hardiness and Valor
What is the union on the United States flag?
the blue rectangle with the stars representing a constellation
When in uniform and in formation and the flag passes you, what should you do?
Face the colors and render a hand salute when the flag is within six steps in both directions.
What was the design of the "Betsy Ross Flag"?
The stars were in a circle and there were 13 alternating stripes.
Secretary of the Army
Honorable McHugh
Commander In Chief
Honorable Obama
CG Cadet Command
Major General McDonald
Secretary of Defense
Honorable Pinetta
Chief of Staff
General Dempsey
Which country did the United States attack initially in the "War on Terrorism"?
When should a flag be property destroyed, how should a flag be disposed of, and where can this be done?
The flag should be disposed of once it is worn, torn, or has touched the ground. The flag should be burned privately and respectfully. This can be done for free at any VFW.
In Winning Colors, what animal(s) represents Green?
In Winning Colors, what animal(s) represents brown?
bear and bull
What does the color white, on the United States flag represent?
Hope, Purity, Innocence
Who was given credit for the first U.S. flag?
Betsy Ross
What were the last two states added the the United States flag and when were they added?
Hawaii and Alaska were added in 1959
What flag was first flown by Americans?
the Grand Union Flag
Three up, One down
Staff Sergeant
One disk
Second Lieutenant
What is the Heimlich maneuver used for?
To clear a blocked airway.
Vice President
Honorable Biden
6th Brigade Commander
Colonel Impavido
Army Instructor
First Sergeant Cruz
Senior Army Instructor
Lieutenant Colonel DesJardin
Where should the union be when displaying a flag against a wall either vertically or horizontally?
the observer's left or the flag's own right
What should be done when bringing the colors down from half staff?
The flag should be risen to the peak and then lowered all the way down.
What position are you allowed to speak while in formation?
the position of "REST"
What are the thinking maps?
brace map, bridge map, bubble map, circle map, double bubble map, flow map, multi-flow map, tree map
When can the flag be displayed, and under what circumstances can it be displayed otherwise?
The flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset. If the flag is properly lit, it can remain flown throughout the night.
What gave Betsy Ross recognition as the sewer of the first United States flag?
stories told by her grandson
What war was fought during the 1960's and 1970's?
the Vietnam War
What instrument is used to determine grid azimuth on a map?
What happened in New York City and Washington DC on 11 September 2001?
terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
Which foot can you give the command halt on?
either foot
Which amendment grants the "Freedom of Speech"?
the First Amendment
What president ordered six rows of eight stars?
President Taft
When outdoors and in uniform and the national anthem is being played, what should you do?
Face the flag (if possible) or the direction of the music and render a hand salute from the first to the last note.
What are the dimensions of the Garrison flag, and what is it used for?
20 by 38ft.; displayed on government and military installations on special occasions and national holidays
Three Diamonds
Two Diamonds
Lieutenant Colonel
One Diamond
Three Disks
Two Disks
First Lieutenant
Three up, Three down, a Star, and a Wreath
Command Sergeant Major
Three up, Three down, and a Star
Sergeant Major
Three up, Three down, and a Diamond
First Sergeant
Three up, Three down
Master Sergeant
Three up, Two down
Sergeant First Class
Three up
Two up
One up, One down
Private First Class
One up
TRADOC Commander
General Cone