Assemblies of God Licensing Exam - Updated

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Credentials granted through the NOMOAG by the General Council of the Assemblies of God are renewed on an annual basis, by December 31 of each year. Renewals can be completed online by logging into your AG Passport account. Renewal forms can also be downloaded from the General Secretary's website after November 1, and hard copies are mailed to ministers shortly thereafter. The following excerpts from the General Council Bylaws address credential renewals:

General Council Bylaws Article VII, Section 10, Credential Renewals ...
b. Expiration date. All fellowship certificates are valid only until December 31 of each year and must be renewed annually. The renewing of credentials is the responsibility of the individual minister. The minister is to complete the form, taking care to answer all questions and sign the form.

The renewal along with any outstanding tithe, should be mailed to the Northern Missouri District postmarked no later than December 31 of each year. You should include $25. If General Council dues are owed, please include a separate check made payable to the General Council.

NOMOAG ministers send 75% of their tithe on ministry work and 25% of their tithe on secular work, to NOMOAG on a monthly basis. Regardless of income,
ministers (except "senior retired") are at least expected to contribute to NOMOAG the same amount that they contribute to General Council. Ministers support the General Council as noted in the Bylaws excerpts below.

*Beginning 2014, for three years,
NOMOAG will require 100% of ministerial tithe to be given to the district.

General Council Bylaws Article VII. Ministry, Section 10. f. Support ofHeadquarters: The work of The General Council of the Assemblies of God, in its program of developing the spirit of cooperation and fellowship in U.S. and world missions fields, incurs considerable expense, including the financial support of the
executive officers and offices.
The required minimum is:
Ordained- $20 per month ($240 per year)
Licensed- $15 per month ($180 per year)
Certified- $7.50 per month ($90 per year)
Beginning 2014 the minimum is:
Ordained -$25 per month ($300 per year)
Licensed-$20 per month ($240 per year)
Certified-$10 per month ($120 per year)
Compliance with the above requirements shall be a prerequisite for renewal of credentials of all active ministers. If their contributions are in arrears, they shall be given opportunity to meet this deficit with their renewal