18 terms

Orbital bones/features

Requires Labelled diagram
Lesser wing of sphenoid
Orbital 1
Orbital surface of frontal bone
Orbital 2
Inferior extension of frontal bone
Orbital 3
Greater wing of sphenoid
Orbital 4
Orbital surface of zygomatic
Orbital 5
Zygomatic bone
Orbital 6
Inferior orbital fissure
Orbital 7
Infraorbital groove
Orbital 8
Orbital surface of maxilla
Orbital 9
Orbital surface of palatine
Orbital 10
Lacrimal bone
Orbital 11
Frontal process of maxilla
Orbital 12
Nasal bone
Orbital 13
Orbital surface of ethmoid
Orbital 14
Optic foramen
Orbital 15
Superior orbital fissure
Orbital 16
Supraorbital foramen
Orbital 17
Infraorbital foramen
Orbital 18