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A jar-like container, having a lip for pouring, used to hold, heat, or mix chemicals


A narrow neck container used to hold, heat, or mix chemicals especially in titrations


A piece of equipment used to enlarge microscopic organisms

overflow can

A piece of equipment used to find the displaced water of an object

lab apron

A piece of safety equipment used to protect clothing


A piece of safety equipment used to protect your eyes


A piece of thin glass used to hold small items needing enlargement

first aid kit

A set of materials used to aid in an emergency

petri dish

A shallow, cylindrical, dish with an overlapping cover used for the culturing of microorganism


A small tube into which small amounts of liquids are taken up by suction, as for measuring or transferring


A small tube usually capped by a hollow rubber bulb at one end, used to measure out a liquid in drops

meter stick

A tool used to measure length

graduated cylinder

A tube marked with a progressive series of degrees for measuring liquids or solids

stirring rod

A tube, usually made of glass, used to mix chemicals

test tube

A tube, usually of glass closed at one end, used to hold, heat, or mix chemicals


An instrument used to determine mass

spring scale

An instrument used to find the weight of an object


An instrument used to measure temperature

bunsen burner

An instrument used to provide a heat source


Used to pick up items


thousandth (1/1000)


hundredth (1/100)


tenth (1/10)


ten (10)


hundred (100)


thousand (1000)


the basic metric unit for length


the basic metric unit for volume


the basic metric unit for mass

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