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In 2015, JNBlaunched a new line of snack pack products exclusively with Target storesas a part of Target's Made to MatterTMprogram. The Made to Matterprogram allowedsmall, eco-conscious brands (like JNBand Burt's Bees) to partner withTarget storesin launchinginnovative new products. For the brands, this partnership posed an exciting opportunity for expanded distribution and sales growth, all with the wisdom and guidanceof Target's buying team. For Target, the partnership was a meaningful method for injecting innovative and trend-right "small batch" products into itsstores

In December 2014, onemonth prior to launch, the JNB team conducted testingwith 850 consumers to confirm and optimize the packaging communication of the snack pack products prior to launch. The mostappealing concept (shown below) focused on the quality of ingredients. Consumers liked the health focus and felt the Justin's brand name would deliver high-quality results. Some consumers expressed concern with the taste (will it still taste good if it's gluten free?) and expressed a strong desire to purchase the product at the store checkout counter (rather than in the peanut butter aisle).

Due to the tight timing of the product's launch, the team was not able to do a "line trial" or do further research with the final finished good (in packaging) with consumers prior to launch. However, the internal team evaluated samples sent from the co-manufacturerand were satisfied with the product's quality and delivery.

Concerned that low repeat purchase rates might be a signal for poor product quality or performance, the JNBteam actively audited social media, user reviews, and customer service complaintsfor the snack packproducts. The team noticed that negative reviews for the product centered ona few common complaints:1.Weak pretzels and banana chips caused the "dipper"to snap2.The almond butter became dry and hard in the package3.The almond butter's oil separated and leaked out of the package causing a mess4.The package's "peel and seal" re-sealable packaging feature did not work

Before the discontinuance and during the struggle ofthe snack pack product line, the JNB team opted to implement a new product development process to mitigate risk for future product launches. Referred to as "Assess-Initiate-Launch," JNB's process is a simplified version of the Stage-Gate process.